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Why does it always happen to me?

I decided to use a new (to me) beading pattern. I went with a bracelet, chose some beads that I’d had for ages and not quite got round to using in colours that I like, as if it went well, I wouldn’t expect to sell it, but I might quite like to wear it.

So I really got into it, even though it seemed to be using up an awful lot of thread and beads. I carried on, until this afternoon when I was working my third row of ruffles and the beads were diminishing rapidly. That’s OK, I thought, I’ll just add a new pack of those to my order.

So I went to the site, typed in the code, and… they’re discontinued. I still might have enough beads (just) to complete it, but I feel so miffed that I’m not sure I want to find out!

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Oh Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery I do sympathise. I decided to make a scarf with a slightly different poppy design on today - laid out the base wool and silk, went to put poppies on only to realise I had used up my supply of red wool last week … luckily after much foraging about in the cupboards I found enough in my “scraps bag” to complete it but it was a close thing. Have now ordered more wool, thankfully not discontinued! Hope you’re bracelet works out ok.

Thanks Roz @OrchardFelts: I’ve just used up all the beads (needed about another 50ish - they’re very small) BUT I have tracked down some which may be the new improved version of the same thing, so I’ve ordered those…

Oh @RhiannonRoseJewellery fingers and toes crossed for you! It’s a horrible sinking feeling isn’t it!

A wool make I’ve used for years changed their wool percentage to more acrylic last year (from 25% wool to 20% wool) and that 5% difference made a huge change, I hated knitting in it and it made my gloves look completely different (to me anyway) and the yarn was much thinner, I was going to have to change a lot of my patterns and was gutted, I couldn’t sell the gloves I’d already made with it (which is when I discovered the change!). I used my last ball up of the 25% wool in January. I searched high and low on the internet for days, looked at practically every site and wool shop in the UK that sell it, emailed the shops to see if they had any of the original kind left and have managed to get enough of the 25% wool yarn to last me about 2 years, it was a lot of money to spend in one go, but a huge relief and totally worth it! I must say that the smaller less known wool shops and sites were much more helpful than the larger well known ones. And they also have a new customer out of me now from that.

Have a look around everywhere you can think of/google to see if you have any luck with your beads. Good luck!

Edit - Just seen that you found some - hooray!! :grinning:

Natalie xx