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Why is it so annoying

(Linda Cooper) #1

Why are there so many annoying things flagging up. The more there are the more annoying and frustrating.

(Christine Shephard) #2

Just click on the blue ‘reply’ button at the bottom of the screen, that will allow you to add to the post. Hope that helps.

It does get easier the more you use it…honest!

Edit: You appear to have edited your original post, so this reply makes no sense at all now.

(Nifty) #3

not sure what you mean? are you accidentally tracking too many threads? at the bottom there is a drop down to untrack

or you can click on “new” and “dismiss” all new threads without reading them. I do that with promotional threads that I know I am not interested in.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I’m not sure what you mean either?!