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Why is it so tough to throw things away?!

As I’m having a major craft overhaul I thought i’d get rid of things I don’t need, freeing my mind and my workspace at the same time.
But I just cant throw anything away, I think it’l come in handy, or I paid money for it so I can’t get rid of it.
Ive tried to sell craft things I don’t need on here, but no sales.
Do any of you have the same problem?

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Oh yes, I have the same problem. I have a large drawer full of craft items that I just can’t give away or sell, just in case I may need them in the future! I reckon many crafters are the same … you never know when a new idea will pop into our heads and we’d have something in storage we can use to make an idea a reality.

I also find, as I get older, it’s harder to ditch or sell other things too. So many unwanted items have some kind of sentimental value attached to them. Everything ends up in the loft in the end … nightmare!


I’ve found freecycle a good way to part with things - I like to believe that they are going to a good home where they will be used, to a crafter who needs them more than I do. (flip side is if I need something I can always put out a plea to find out if there is someone who has what I need and doesn’t mind donating it to me)

I’ve just had a clear out of non crafted items. I ended up with 4 bags of clothes going to the charity shop in town. We are having new bedroom furniture delivered next month and I’m loosing a bit of drawer space so it all had to go. I’ve now got the bug and want to throw more out but don’t know which room to start on.

guaranteed that the moment you get rid of something you will need it again…sigh


I recently went through some clearing of things. It’s the emotional attachment that makes it hard to part with your things. If you are not attached to anything, then it’s easy.

I gave some things to charities, I threw away a small amount of others and used oddments of yarn for lots of other things. I don’t throw away supplies, there is some need for them in ways that you can’t imagine now.

I’m a hoarder! Probably need treatment! Well, that’s what my friend used to say! Lol!

I am planning to pack to move from years of sharehouses into my first very-own house, well, i am being further callous when i need almost everything to possess a right location. Might be tough but I just have to do it! I just missed the crazy cycle of that too! All my high school formal photos were taken on a film camera!

I think the fact that I still have most of my childhood toys and I’m now 46 probably says it all :smile: !!!

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I don’t like clutter but i also hate waste - if I can upcycle or find a new home for something thats fab.

We are horder’s but then so is my father in law but then he makes wonderful things.

He saved two of the large teak wood lab chest of drawers when he left Unilever from his laboratory They were going over to steel and plastic. One of those he sanded and made a new top for and now it holds all my table linens. The over one he’s now gifted to me which is waiting to go into my conservatory where all my sewing fabrics and paper crafting will hid.

We do tend to find uses for things eventually but we do have a routine with clothes. Charity shop first. Then old tee shirts get used for gardening or cut up for car cleaning rags/dust cloths. Cotton blouses, shirts, skirts etc that are not good enough for the charity shop are cut up and the good material is reclaimed for me to make items from. I have a lovely large sack of blue and whites cotton prints, checks, stripes, florals that are going to be made into patchwork items for my conservatory for old skirts, blouses and some of hubbie’s shirts.

We have reclaimed wood in the garage that is slowly being used up.

We did have loads of red bricks I salvaged when we knocked down part of the house. Some are now part of the conservatory while some have been given away as you can’t get these bricks anymore expect at reclaimation yards at expensive prices. There’s reclaimed red roof tiles stacked in the back garden which will be used when DH makes the wood shed. We sold some of them.

So yes we do horde like mad in this house but every thing is for a given project.

DH little electronic’s and computer lab is full with racks of equipment, testing equipment, circuit board etching fluids, parts and pieces of things he’s taking apart to salvage components from. But his little projects he make from what to me looks like a junk room are amazing. He’s even had some of his projects published in magazines.

We also have car parts filling the garage and part of the loft but then all 3 of us own more than one car each as we all race cars.

Lots of recyling goes on in our place just wish it was a larger house :wink:

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I used to be a huge hoarder but the last couple of years I’ve started to thin things out. It’s quite difficult to do at first but gets so much easier as I go along. I’ve filled lots of charity shop bags, sold a few things on ebay, given away huge amounts of bits and I now have more room on my shelves and bookcases than ever before.
I know lots of people think it’s being morbid to think about **“popping off” ** but for myself I think it’s being sensible. My kids don’t want half my things when I’m gone and lots of it will most likely be tossed in a skip so, I may as well make it a bit easier for them. :slight_smile: Not that I’m thinking of going anywhere anytime soon but it will take me years to get rid of all my clutter. x

I try not to hoard things but just been looking for some thing that I still can’t find, with all the things I have just gone through I know I need a clear out. But I just can’t clear out all my craft things I know I will use them at some point. I think???

The best solution is just to buy more storage! You can never have enough plastic boxes in my opinion :smile:


I love plastic boxes for storage but Ive got to the point where I have nowhere to put any new boxes!

Getting rid of stuff is soooo hard!
My task this week was to move workshops, from the large studio’s corner to a smaller room in the back of the barn as I felt a bit lost in the studio.
It has ended up with me having a massive sort out, which extended into my back room (which is my shed/loft) there is so much junk in there. Im trying to be ruthless and I am planning a tip run tomorrow. But you never know what will come in handy!!!

I’m having a studio clear out today. It is soooo hard. Would be easier to start with an empty room and just put back in the things that you need but that is impossible. Still, the sun is out this morning for a change so I’m going to turn up the music and try to create one of those fabulous studios you see on featured sellers photos!! :grinning:

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