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Wondering if colours can be changed

(The Clockwork Jewel) #1

Hello, on my shop under the title banner, there is a strip of bright coloured half moon shapes, which are completely out of sync with my shop colours (mainly browns and golds). Can I remove it or change the colours? All help most appreciated, thanks, Michelle :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #2

They’re part of the folksy branding so don’t think there’s much you can do about it.

By the way I LOVE your jewellery - if I were a jewellery person (which I’m not) I’d definitely be choosing something from your shop ^^

(Nifty) #3

they’re really not very steampunk colours, are they? stephanie’s right though.

(The Clockwork Jewel) #4

Thank you, how lovely of you to say :smiley:

(The Clockwork Jewel) #5

No they aren’t and I’m not happy about it all because it’s so incongruous, it stands out and makes the design look bad. How annoying! They could at least have given a dark colour scheme option. :frowning:

(Nifty) #6

Anyone familiar with the site though will recognise it as generic branding. I barely notice it any more.

(The Clockwork Jewel) #7

It’s the people coming from outside, customers who aren’t familiar with Folksy that worry me. If it’s the main name ‘Folksy’ in those colours fair enough, but a random line of coloured half moons…it looks awful on my shop.

(Deborah Jones) #8

If you really don’t want them , you can choose not to use the large feature photos, then they will vanish.

Not ideal but a solution .

(Margaret Jackson) #9

I can see what you mean, but to the average viewer it’s probably very insignificant. I just had to go and search for what you meant, it doesn’t stand out to me. I wouldn’t worry about it, every shop will have the same line of colours there.

(The Clockwork Jewel) #10

Aha, that is a possible solution indeed, I;d rather have them, but they are not essential, and having shown the changes to several people I know, they all say it looks odd. Great on other peoples shops that have the same kind of colours, detracting on mine. Design makes more of a difference than people think. Thank you Deborah :smiley:

(Nifty) #11

have to say now you’ve taken it away I do prefer the non-pastel-colourful “atmosphere” in your shop.

(The Clockwork Jewel) #12

Thanks Nifty, I’ve been designing for years, so it was more glaring for me, but still, it wasn’t right, and actually I think I prefer the shop without the featured items anyway as it’s makes a longer scroll until the the main pieces come up. So I’m happy enough now :smiley: Michelle.

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Must admit it does look better now.

(Helen Smith) #14

I do know what you mean, those coloured bits look fine in my multi coloured ffflowers shop but I won’t be having any featured items in my other shop because they would just look totally wrong.

(The Clockwork Jewel) #15

Yes, it makes a difference and I won’t be growling whenever I look at my shop heh :slight_smile:

(The Clockwork Jewel) #16

At least it can be taken away, though it’s clearly something that hadn’t occurred to them when designing the new shop fronts. Still, if enough people are bothered maybe they’ll implement a choice for the colours at a future date. :slight_smile:

(Alison Deegan) #17

I was one of testers for the new shop fronts and mentioned in my feedback that the pastel design didn’t sit well with my items. I hoped that as one of the aims of the re-design was “Less Folksy branding” that this might be taken on board. So I would be happy to see some choices introduced in the future too. Alison

(The Clockwork Jewel) #18

Hi Alison, thanks for that :slight_smile:

I sent a query to the people behind Folksy and they replied with this one line -

“I’m very sorry, this is a design feature on Folksy and can’t be changed.” - So I told them how actually you CAN get rid of it by not using the ‘feature’ photos, which isn’t ideal, but does get rid, and perhaps they might jot that down so that they can help anyone else who asks. In a nutshell I got more help of this forum than the Folksy staff, who didn’t tell me to just stop using the feature pics.

The more of us that mention it, perhaps they will take that on board and implement a new colour scheme option, or just allow the half moon shapes to be optional.