Folksy Ltd

Shop Redecoration opinions

(Diane Burton) #1

I’ve just changed my banner & avatar to hopefully give a ‘cleaner’ appearance to my shop front, can I ask you friendly lot what you think? I’ve also slightly changed the shop name from DeesDesigns Cards to Dee’s Designs Crafts as I’m planning on adding some ‘non-card’ items to my shop. Thankfully when I first registered it was as just DeesDesigns so my shop URL doesn’t look too different

(Minerva) #2

I like the simplicity of the banner. I think, though, I would go with a different color…maybe something subtle as you have lots of different colors in your items. Only my opinion…others might have more ideas.

Bear in mind that the old url of your shop won’t redirect. Even if the name is the same - best to doublecheck with Folksy.

(Kelly) #3

Hi Diane @DeesDesigns, I too think you’re new logo is nice and simple but i think as @BelaFarCrafts said, you have plenty of colour in your items. I would have opted for a completely white background for the actual logo which would compliment your avatar much nicer and make it stand out. x

(Christine Shephard) #4

I rather like ‘Dee’s Designs’ on its own, without the ‘Crafts’ added. I don’t think it’s necessary to be any more specific.

I like the simplicity of the banner & logo, but I’m not keen on the green lettering - it’s just not a colour that works for me, I’m afraid.

(Helen Smith) #5

I like ‘Dee’s Designs’ on its own too, and again I’m not overly keen on the greens but I do like the simple design.