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I’m Mel and have had my shop Bluebell Woodturning for just over 12 mths and made 50th sale last Sunday ,I get such a buzz when another order comes in. I am self taught and have been turning in my fully fitted workshop for over 12 years now, I belong to a local club and have picked up and passed on knowledge to others. I am still trying new things and adding Pewter bases or finial to things is now quite popular and I managed to cast my first one only yesterday.

attached is link to my shop. woodturning

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I love your work Mel, I’m a big fan of woodturned items and have quite a large collection of light pulls bought over the years at craft fairs. Yours are beautiful!

(bluebellwoodturning) #3

Hi Margaret
Thank you for your kind words, held off putting lightpulls on because of postage costs but as a 2nd item they are affordable. If there is a style or wood you want one done from let me know and I’ll see what I can do


(Christine E.) #4

Lovely work, Mel!

(Julie Maginn) #5

Yes I love your whole shop especially the iridescent finishes and have just bought a piece. I still keep coming across beautiful shops I have never seen before through the forums (even if it is costing me more than I make!!!) :smiling_imp:

(Angela Callanan) #6

Mel as regards light pulls - not sure how difficult it would be to do but I would love a pig one :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for one for ages but can’t find one anywhere.

p.s. Gorgeous work :smile:

(Tina Martin) #7

Love your shop, especially the wooden fruit, they’re beautiful! :slight_smile:

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Hi Angela things with legs etc are not really possible to turn they are more aligned to woodcarving and if you look at merlin wood carvings and walking sticks,(Folksy) Sue maybe able to make you one, she has a carved pig on sale but no size mentioned if this was OK then you could drill a 3 mm hole for the cord and I then drill an 8 mm hole approx 10mm in the underside for the knot. Hope this helps


(Helen Healey) #9

Oooh such gorgeous things!

(Angela Callanan) #10

Thanks Mel - thought it may have been a bit of pain to do. What I was thinking of was this kind of shape as the pig’s body and maybe ears and legs stuck on - plus a curly tail :wink:

Looking at the other shop you mentioned I understand what you mean about the difference between wood carving and wood turning. So it makes sense that you wouldn’t be making animals. Thanks for letting me know and linking to the other lovely shop.

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hi Angela
more than pleased to help