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New ideas -your thoughts?

I’m looking for opinions! I haven’t had much luck selling my illustrated cards and I’m wondering where I’m going wrong?
I was thinking of making some more fine art-style ones (like the cat below) as opposed to more illustration-y ones. What do you think of these designs? And how can I get interest in my designs (I post on deviantart and facebook etc)



I really like this style! I’m also a crazy cat lady so love these :star_struck:

Sorry can’t help on the how to get interest in my designs bit of your query but I too like the cats and know some mad cat ladies who I could send that sort of thing to whilst I can’t think of anyone who I might send a puppy in a party hat card to.


I just did a quick experiment and thought you might find the results interesting. Your cards really appeal to my children, but that is probably not an easy market to exploit on Folksy. When children choose greetings cards it is usually prompted by an adult on a shopping trip. I think your cards are lovely and, as I said, my kids really loved them, but you might find a bigger market for your cats here. On another note, I think there might be a market here for fine art prints as well as greetings cards using the cat designs. This style of art lends itself to interior design because it is easy to coordinate with furnishings.

Hope this helps,

Love Sam x


Thanks so much, that’s really helpful! :slight_smile:

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Hi Hanna-Mae, I think you should put these as cards in your shop. I bought your puppy in a hat card, and I liked it because it was quirky and different (and I’m a Golden Retriever owner so it resonated with me!). When I buy on Folksy, it’s because things are handmade but mostly because things are unique and different to what is on the High Street, so I’d definitely be a fan of more quirkiness!

I’d also bear in mind that there are lots of card designers/makers on Folksy, so it’s hard to grab a piece of the action. Think about your niche, what is it you can offer that’s different to anyone else? Maybe do some designs and ask on your page what people would like to see as cards?


I like both these designs, and would be happy to buy/receive them. I love cats, but don’t like “cutesy” pictures of cats. I’d also be tempted by cats that looked like my two (silver tabby and ginger tom).

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Thank you =] I appreciate the feedback. I think I’ll give it a go!

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Oohhh - love these!

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Thank you ^-^ I’ve just ordered them off vistaprint. Excited to see them!