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Yodel- getting thorugh to a human?

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #1

Hi, does anyone know how to get through to a human at Yodel?
I waited in for a delivery all day yesterday but apparently they couldn’t get access to my property (in other words, they couldn’t be bothered coming to my house). I was promised by the online chat folk that I’d get to me today. However, it’s still at the sorting office. We’ve tried every way we can to get through to someone but we can’t get to a human…

any suggestions?

(Ruth ) #2

Don’t think such a thing exists as far as most delivery companies are concerned. FedEx have been told under no uncertain terms never to darken my doorstep again. Our property is off the main road & down a farm track & unless its Royal Mail delivering we may as well forget it. I’m sorry that my rant wont have helped in terms of what to do - but your not alone. I hope you are united with your package soon!

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #3

It’s always good to know you’re not the only one!!

We get problems because we are a small ‘dead end’ street off the high street. Large cans can drive in- we used to some! Other couriers manage to get down, or if they don’t feel confident enough swinging into the street, they park up at the end and walk down. Yodel are just lazy like that. We do have one good driver that my neighbour gets- he’s a good Yodel driver, but unless he’s on shift, you’re screwed. Apparently my parcel has been delayed until tomorrow because that had ‘difficulty finding the property’- in other words, they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ walking down the road. I don’t live in a maze, it’s not difficult to find.

(HartAndCraft) #4

@twinkleandgloomart Did you find a phone number for yodel?

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #5

All the phone numbers for the local one get you nowhere, one is almost like its disconnected and the others are automated and expensive!

I think their service is so bad that they make it near impossible for people to talk to anyone and complain.

I found it shocking that they only have a 3 out of 5 rating, but a whopping 30% of their reviews are 1 Star, It’s amazing that big companies want to deliver with them really.

(Susan Bonnar) #6

Have you tried Tweeting them? I find a lot of big companies inc Royal Mail are super quick to resolve your issue via DM if you tweet them!

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(Ali Joyce) #7

Yes I wonder whether tweeting them might get a quicker response

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(Samantha Stanley) #8

I think Ali is right! I’ve tried that sort of thing before and it is surprising how quickly companies want to help you if you start creating bad publicity from them in a public forum. Yodel are notorious so there is probably a hashtag that you can tell your story under already in circulation.

This won’t change their future behaviour, though. The last time they delivered to my address, they left the parcel tucked INSIDE the hedge. The only reason anybody found it was that my husband decided to cut the hedge the next day and noticed some plastic sticking out.

Sam x

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #9

It’s ridiculous! You’re so lucky to have found it. I’d ask if they left a card to tell you, but this is YODEL we’re talking about :wink:

I finally got my parcel, the guy carried it down the road like he could and should have done the other day- I think we’d been complaining so much about it over the last few days that he actually decided to deliver it.
My complaint isn’t necessarily how long it’s taken either- but their shoddy customer service, they lie, and there’s no communication. First off they lied about not being able to find the house. That was their excuse for it sitting in the depot for two days after a failed access to my property. It took me hassling yesterday to find out the real reason was they thought my street was too narrow, and wanted me to collect it. But why couldn’t they give me this information on day 1? Why has it taken me to hassle to get that information? If i hadn’t, it’d just be sat there with me none the wiser.
But why is it, if my street it too narrow, that every other courier service can come down, and there are frequent YODEL deliveries to my neighbour?
I wasn’t even allowed to collect it in the end because I didn’t have photo ID, and then they wanted to send it to someone else’s house. NO. When it was delivered today the man put his foot in it because he pretty much admitted to being lazy ‘because we have 90 stops a day’. Unbelievable.

I think they want you to be psychic. Anyway! I should just be thankful I did get my parcel, because some don’t. It’s interesting reading their reviews.

(Samantha Stanley) #10

If your interested, no I didn’t get a card :unamused:

Sam x

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #11

Ridiculous!! :frowning:

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