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Couriers versus Royal mail

(Sarah Eves) #1

For those sellers of bulkier items, I was wondering if you’ve ever had negative feedback regarding courier delivery instead of Royal Mail?

For smaller items I use Royal Mail. However, bulkier items are not only much cheaper to send via courier but they also insure to a higher value than Royal Mail, and thd tracking is useful.

However, today a customer has told me that she would rather pay more for a Royal Mail delivery that she could collect from the depot after one failed delivery attempt than a courier delivery.
(her parcel is in transit, after a failed delivery attempt)

Normally courier deliveries go without hitch, with deliveries being re-routed to a workplace if a customer works full time, via the additional notes section, but I have a feeling this particular order will be winging its way back to me.
And I was wondering if any other sellers have had complaints about using a courier delivery service?

Sarah x

(Donna) #2

I use a courier for bulkier and more expensive items too as they track your parcel at no extra cost and the only time I’ve ever had any problems was at xmas when a lady had something delivered to her workplace which went into administration before it arrived and expected me to some how get it re-routed on Christmas Eve!! She managed to pick it up in the end and got quite nasty about the courier which did it’s job and got the parcel delivered to the address given in time for Christmas! But other than that I’ve had no problems :smile:

(Christine E.) #3

I’ve never sent anything by courier but I seem to have endless problems as a buyer. My Hermes- supposed to phone courier to rearrange delivery but no phone number on card. UKMail- stayed in all day for redelivery, eventually had to phone supplier to sort it out (it had been returned to their warehouse). Yodel- left on a neighbour’s doorstep because I was out- only she was out too! And they only told me where it had been left much later. I was very impressed with Interlink Express, where you can trace the local progress of your delivery van and they give you a time of delivery. Never had any problems with Royal Mail (except when they fill out the card before coming up the path, knock the door and run away!)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

only problem with couriers is if your customer is not at home at the time of the delivery they can have problems ever getting their package.

Thankfully I’m at home now most of the time but still have to go out occasionally. I’ve missed courier deliveries and then spent days trying to find out where my package is. Often they don’t have local pick up points either, so trying to get a package delivered a second time can be a nightmare. One package took nearly 3 weeks as it got lost in transit ie kept going around in circles as the courier service wanted my hubbie to go collect it from their depo over 20miles away.

But they can be great for customers who are always at home.

Was a bit confused by a delivery I received from myhermes I was supposed to sign for it but they didn’t knock and left it inside my porch and leaving the porch door wide open and it was marked fragile this way up… The courier had placed it on it’s side. Thankfully my vintage china bowls had been well packed by the seller otherwise I could ended up with bits of broken china.

Because I’m mostly in I do get a lot of couriers asking if I’d sign for a package for anyone in my close and for others the road off my close. Usually they catch me in my garden. I should charge I think lol

( Carol ) #5

As a customer I have had problems with couriers including throwing a new mobile phone over a 8ft fence and signing for it him/herself. I have also read many horror stories on various forums so I stick to Royal Mail but I guess it just depends on your own experiences. I have been selling online for 5 years and never had a problem with Royal Mail except one to Australia which got delayed for a week but did arrive in the end.

(Sarah Eves) #6

Thankfully, my customer was in after all today, as the considerate My Hermes courier delivered after 5pm!

(Helen Smith) #7

As more and more companies are using couriers I find they are improving greatly, I haven’t had any problems for a long time touches wood. And I too like watching the interlink van on its round, especially when it appears to be out in the middle of the river!