You can now put individual items on sale!

Our new Sales feature has gone live this morning! This means you can now offer discounts on individual items in your Folksy shop or put a selection of products ‘on sale’ :partying_face:

Instructions on how to do it are here: New Sales & Discounts feature on Folksy | Folksy Blog

At the moment, you will need to set the sale price for each item individually – as we wanted to push it out asap – although if this proves to be a popular feature, we’d like to add the ability to bulk edit items on sale too.

We hope you this will be a great feature that’s really useful for things like running seasonal sales and seconds sales, and getting rid of older stock after Christmas or events. As always, we would really appreciate your feedback.


That’s brilliant- will investigate later. Thanks.


Camilla.@folksy Staff …thanks for this…just wondering if it would be an idea to have a SALES page on the home front page…or would that make it look too much like a market?..just a thought


Thank you again, I have just tried it and it works…I have lots and lots of old stock that I would really like to clear, so I will be adding a lot of my paintings to my SALE category.x


Thank you. This is a great feature :grinning:


Fabulous idea, thank so much for implementing this. :blush:

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Just tried it, good idea!

We are considering introducing a Sales page or section, Brenda. We’re going to see how popular the sales feature is first and then see how we can best support it.


Loving this, thank you.


Just used it and it is a great feature


Ooh this is fantastic!

This is a great feature :+1:

Fabulous idea thank you x​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

So pleased to see this feature. Thanks so much.

brilliant - i will check it out as soon as possible!

Great feature, looking forward to using it.

If you’ve tried our new Sale feature you might also want to add a ‘Sale’ collection to your shop so customers can find them more easily. It’s super easy.

Once you’ve put your items on sale using the instructions here New Sales & Discounts feature on Folksy | Folksy Blog

  • Go to ‘Collections’ in the Shop Settings section of your dashboard

  • Create a new ‘Sale’ collection

  • Then go to ‘Shopkeeping’ in Shop Settings

  • And add the items to your new ‘Sale’ collection

  • Voilà! Sale collection!


Already done it, thanks so much.

This is brilliant! looks so much better and great that the discount % is displayed :+1:

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