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You know that job I got recently

HI folks, sorry to mope but I was made redundant (again) this morning. Id only had the job for 3 weeks. I was allowing myself to plan all the craft bits i wanted to buy. Thank goodness I didnt actually buy anything.
Ho hum. Back to square one.

So sorry to hear that, hope things improve in the new year. Liz x

aw that’s a shame. Look on the bright side - it should have given you more confidence in your own abilities… x

Sorry to hear about that, it must be so disappointing for you…x

That’s bad news - how annoying that a business goes to all the effort of recruiting someone only to make them redundant three weeks later???!! Probably why the business is in trouble to begin with… I hope things pick up for you… x

Oh how utterly disappointing for you. Rx

That’s bad news. I hope things pick up for you.

oh no :frowning: so sorry for you but if they can’t plan well I guess in the long run you are better out of there.

Here’s to better jobs to come.

Sorry to hear that, hope you find something else very soon!

there’s probably something better waiting for you…

I’m so sorry to hear of this but it clearly wasn’t meant to be…someone somewhere is trying to turn you on another path it seems! X

Sorry to hear this. I hope you find something else really soon.
Maureen x

Thanks one and all. I was so looking forward to buying lotsof crafty stuff. But I have 3 craft fairs to look forward to, so unwards and upwards.

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