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Do any other crafters have a notepad and pen by their bed at night, and write down ideas in total darkness, or is it just me?


No It’s not just you! I usually find I need to edit the stuff I write down at night, though. Sometimes in the cold light of morning it just doesn’t work as well…

Sam x

Yes I do that! Although sometimes it is hard to read as I’ve managed to write over my own words in the dark haha! :joy:


Yes, I do! Funny how the best ideas happen in the dead of night. Is it that our minds are allowed to wander?

I’m guilty of this too… I grab my phone from the bedside table, and add my late night brain waves to the Notes app. :blush:

It’s a list on my phone for me… the list of new things to try gets longer and longer!

@jessicagoulty I havnt looked at my list yet,but no doubt a mess of scrawly overlapped writing.

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