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Zip foot preference

I bought a zip foot for my machine a few months back but it only allows me to sew zips if the fabric and zip are to the right of the foot.
I found that very annoying, the space is quite limited ad awkward to sort out the fabric/zip layers in a squashed area. My previous machine had a zip foot that looked like a ski, which allowed me to use both sides, and I find sewing zips on the left to be a lot easier.
I wasn’t aware of the difference it made pre buying the new foot.
So tomorrow Im hopefully going to buy a new one for my machine that’s more ski like.
Does anybody else have a preferable zip foot, do you like the ski type or a one sided option?

hi - I like the two sides - saves time swithing!! :smiley_cat:

Yes I prefer the double sided one like @Pawcrafts said saves time :laughing::blush:

I didn’t even know they made one that did two sides until I bought my new machine a few weeks ago - what a revelation!

Will your old zipper foot fit on your new machine? Mine, a john lewis (made by Janome) and a Necchi, are both the low shank types, and I’ve been using the feet interchangeably, as well as extra feet bought separately.

Thanks for your replies.
Nope sadly my old foot doesn’t fit my new Janome machine. I Freegled the machine a couple of weeks back, I had a tough decision whether to give the new owner my old double sided foot even though it doesn’t fit my new machine(I loved it so much) I was going to keep it and wear it as a pendant on a chain. I gave it to the new owner in the end.

Definitely two sided for me, zips are tricky enough without the trauma of only being able to sew on one side of the foot. In fact I didn’t know there was a single sided zipper foot!

Argh!! I went all the way to John Lewis and they didn’t have the foot!!
But I did spend £30+ on other fabric, zips etc
And my bag fabric arrived too! Annoying as I cant make a start until I have the foot.

Any idea where I can get a double sided Janome zip foot from? I can’t see it on the JL website now.
Do universal feet really fit?

I think most universal feet are OK - depends if you have a snap on type or low shank screw on one although my new machine (janome) has snap on feet but the main holder that you snap them on to can be unscrewed and replaced with any of the screw on feet - I have kept all the foot attachments from my old Frister Rossman machine and I can use them all. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Yep thanks, mines a snap on. I shall have a google to see whats avaialable. Still so annoyed about JL, Im sure I saw it on their site.

I just used my normal foot to sew a zip on, I moved the needle to the farthest left and it sewed beautifully. I may have just saved myself £15!