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1000 folksy sales!

(Fiona Thomson) #1

i had my1000th folksy sale today! :smiley:

5 years ago, i never imagined i’d have one sale (thought zombies was a bit too niche), and i haven’t been able to work at all this year, so for a long while my sales have been few & far between - i didn’t expect to reach 1000 until i could start making again.

it’s been really frustrating, unable to sew & having to just leave my shop ticking over - and a perfect example of what happens when you aren’t making, listing & promoting regularly!!

(Tina Martin) #2

Well done, congratulations! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Natalie Franca) #3

Wowzers that’s fabulous news Fiona, massive congratulations!!! Very well deserved, you’re work and shop are ace!

I had my 202-nd sale today, which I was in complete shock about as the summer is my quiet period (not much call for knitwear in August, and I don’t do any promoting at all in the summer months!).

Congratulations again!

Natalie xx

(Sasha Garrett) #4

That just goes to show how cool zombies are! Congratulations.

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(Deborah Jones) #5

Whoot well done Fiona , well deserved ! :fireworks:

(sejleather) #6

Wow, very good!! :grinning: :wine_glass:

(Fiona Thomson) #7

thanks so much you guys! :slight_smile:
i hope i can still find my way to the post office…

at least 202 is a nice even number to rest on for the summer @MoreTeaVicarKnitwear :wink:

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

Brilliant - well done :slight_smile:

(Phoenixprojects) #9

Wow! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

(Dawn Sneesby) #10

Well done Fiona, congratulations.

(Christine Shephard) #11

That’s brilliant, well done Fiona!! I love your shop. I thought you hadn’t been around much lately - I hope you can soon get back to doing what you’re so clever at. :star:

(Little Black Heart) #12

congrats and well done! :smiley:

(Oh Button Me) #13

wow thats amazing congratulations

(Maxine Veronica) #14

that’s fabulous Fiona, well done!

(Fiona Thomson) #15

thankyou very much everyone! :slight_smile:
i really appreciate your kind comments, especially as i haven’t even been around on the forums lately!

@ciesse (thankyou) me too! me too! i can’t wait to get back to it - sewing is my sanity (literally).

(Amberlilly) #16

Amazing shop and sales!!!

(Leathermeister) #17

Congratulations that really is an impressive number.

(Claire Mead) #18

Fantastic, that is amazing. Well done you x

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(Kim Blythe) #19

Well done…that’s brilliant!

(Rachel) #20

Brilliant well done, your shop is ace