Folksy Ltd

33 views yesterday

(Oh Button Me) #1

I’ve been on folksy for a few months and always check on the ‘shop stats’ page everyday. I have been lucky before to get 12-14 views one day. Usually its a very low number but to my suprise it was 33 yesterday. Is the view counter broken again or are people finding the hidden recently listed page? I did change nearly all my photos to better ones yesterday.

(Susan Bonnar) #2

I clicked around a bit in your lovely shop yesterday and tweeted a couple when I was looking for your item to put on British Crafters Halloween page tomorrow? Also you are in that post I created looking for something so maybe other people have clicked through too!

Maybe not - but just a thought xx

(Oh Button Me) #3

Oh that’s amazing thank you sounding a little dim where can I find this tomorrow?

(Susan Bonnar) #4

@OhButtonMe Not dim at all!

It will be on here


(Oh Button Me) #5

Ahh fantastic thank you :grinning: