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Huuuh, this is the ugly truth…not a single view. Not sure if that should make me laugh or cry :)) Since I opened back in March, I have never had a day like that.
I have 31 item, so not too low amount and added loads and loads of keywords, long titles, advertise on Instagram, Twitter, facebook my little Folksy, so do the best I can, but nada :))

Hoping for better days :slight_smile: I know there would be better days (#stayingpositive) :slightly_smiling:

@NobiasArt sometimes the stats on Folksy are just plain wrong!!! Mine have sometimes said 0 when I know I have been in some of my listings myself!! And I have noticed one of your beautiful necklaces on Folksy homepage a few times this week. I don’t know if you already do but try posting something on British Crafters or HMUK facebook pages. My views have shot up since I’ve been doing that and have had 5 sales this week, some directly from there. I love all your tree necklaces they are really beautiful. x

The stats on folksy only show specific item views - you may have had people looking at your shop front or collections pages and that wouldn’t show up on the counter.

Ha ha, at least it’s a 45% increase on the week before! :blush:Seriously though, don’t take it to heart, :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Hi Julie,

THank you, thank you for mentioning those page! I will have a look at them and try to add 1-2 post here and there and be active on those groups. Also thank you for your compliment, I think I am a Tree of life making addict, lol…surely soon it will be a real addiction and would be anonymity meetings :slight_smile:
Oh and I am not sure, but I don’t think opening your own listing would count as a view in the counter, I thought is just viewing by others counts there x

haha, try not to take. Rather have a laugh on my non existent Folksy popularity :))

I never thought about that Sasha! For some reason I thought the counter shows the total visits in your page and listings and all in all :slight_smile: x

I agree about the views being wrong. I sold an item at around lunch time Wednesday and yet had no views when I checked on Thursday…it’s not possible to buy without viewing. Sometimes it’s not accurate at all x