Folksy Ltd

A Couple of Questions

(Chantal Hanna) #1

I’m back on Folksy after a few years with a different shop and things have changed a bit around here. Firstly I was hoping to re-arrange my shop, having looked around my dashboard I found a shopkeeping button which I assumed would have something to do with this however nothing at all happens. So, is this how you re-arrange your shop and it’s just not working or am I being silly and not looking properly?

Secondly, do the orders have order numbers? I have had an order, yay! but couldn’t see a unique order number, again is this me not looking properly?

Thanks for you help guys

(Deborah Jones) #2

Hi Chantal ,
If you go into shopkeeping you can drag the listings into the order you want, or zoom them to the top with the move to the top button - that moves them of the front of your shop.

Yes there are order numbers - they are part of the url .If you go into orders then click the item the nr is in the url top left of your screen.

(Chantal Hanna) #3

Thanks Deborah, I didn’t even see the order number at so that’s brilliant.

The shop keeping, I click on it and nothing happens, it’s just blank. Seems to be a glitch on my end. :frowning:

(Joy Salt) #4

Ooh you’ve some nice beads in your shop. I’ll be back for a browse later :slight_smile:

(Chantal Hanna) #5

Thank you :smile:

(Lynn Britton) #6

Wow you have some gorgeous beads in your shop Chantal