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A necklace has sold!

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #1

I made my first sale on Friday! I was so excited and felt such a boost to find that someone likes my mosaic jewellery. Brilliant!

I’m struggling with social media , SEOs, photos, headers, banners, forums, tags, titles, searches - you name it - and all that but now I’m really chuft. I sold something despite it!

(Roz) #2

Congratulations, your jewellery is lovely - very unique and something a bit different from the norm which is always a nice thing to see. Heres hoping for many more sales. :smile:

(Jenny Baxter) #3

Well done, Terry. It’s only a few months since I made my first sale so I remember the feeling! Your jewellery is gorgeous, very individual, and I’m sure you have many more sales to look forward to. A lot of us struggle with social media - not least because there is so much of it and it all works differently! Plus there’s a lot to take in at first, re. all the other things you mention, but I’ve found the Folksy Forum people a friendly and helpful bunch :smiley:

(Dawn Sneesby) #4

Congratulations Terry, I’m sure you will sell many more your jewellery is lovely.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

Well done, as others have said your jewellery is lovely. I’m not media savvy at all either but I trundle along not doing too badly :blush:

(PaulsJewels) #6

Congratulation on your first sale :slight_smile: social media etc is a bit crazy but it does get easier. v nice shop indeed

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #7

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments. I’m glowing!

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #8

Thank you! I love your jewellery too! I think I’m coming to grips with social media and then I go and do something I hadn’t intended :frowning: However, I keep plugging away at it. I look forward to reading some of the forums on titles, SEOs etc and I wish to heck I could figure out facebook. Someday…

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #9

Thank you so much!

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #10

Thank you Paul! I seriously like your blue agate beads.

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #11

Thanks Dawn! I like those Czech flower beads too. They are lovely and I like your earrings!

(Heidi Meier) #12

Well done! Great news - shows all that effort does pay off!! :smile:

(Jan Ryan) #13

Well done, your jewellery is lovely, I’ve been over to your facebook page and given you a like, things take time to build up but you’re on your way. You have every reason to be chuffed. :smile:

(Amberlilly) #14

Lovely shop! And well done!

(Patricia Smith) #15

Well done Terry - the first sale is the hardest! Love your jewellery - really individual and striking. Good luck!

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #16

Thanks silver birch studio! I love your holly necklace - what a festive idea!

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #17

Thank you for liking my facebook page! I love your tooth fairy doors. It takes me back…

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #18

Thanks Aberlilly! Great Christmas tree earrings.

(Tina Martin) #19

Congratulations on your first sale! I’ll pop over to like you on Facebook too! :slight_smile:

(Lynn Britton) #20

Well done Terry, lovely jewellery and shop, here’s wishing you many more sales :smile: