Folksy Ltd

About tags & listings description

I was wondering if there is a way to add a bit of space between the end of our listing descriptions and the tags. If I have typed all 15 tags, I find the eye doesn’t get much break…there is text and then immediately more text, materials etc. If this is something you can do, I think all would look much better and it will be easier to read everything.

What do others think?

Personally it doesn’t really worry me but if you would like a bit of a gap then a quick fix would be to add a carriage return after your description and then a full stop and repeat as required. Doesn’t work if you don’t add the full stop as then the returns get ignored! Think you can only add one return between paragraphs before they are ignored but I have done it with 2 full stops in this listing. Don’t know if that helps or even if it makes sense!

That looks nice, thanks for the tip.
Not so quick fix for me, unfortunately. I just finished adding all my tags. I can’t go back and work on all of my listings again…

:slight_smile: - well you can do it for new ones!