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Hi, only been listing for approx a week but was wondering if there was any chance of the item description box when listing being larger please?
As a new lister it would be really good to see my whole description fully. I know I can preview before listing but this would make it so much quicker.
Thnx all, really enjoying the forums and the amount of helpful advice I’m reading, I’ve picked the best site to list on!

Yes it is rather small. The way I get around it is by writing my description in a word document this also allows me to pay around with my wording, check spelling, grammar etc. Once I have it the way I want it I copy and paste it into the little box.

I do try to make sure I check it again in preview bit as well.

I hope that helps

There are a couple of little diagonal lines on the bottom right hand corner of the description box. You can click and drag there to make the box bigger.

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Many thanks for that tip, Melanie - I have never noticed that!!

This doesn’t seem to apply when using the iPad though unfortunately :pensive:

Do you know if that works in all browsers?

aww edit

I’ve just seen it works in firefox but not in my version of IE that’s ok as I always list in firefox but do everything else in IE

I’ve had a shop since 2009 and have done hundreds and hundreds of descriptions without ever noticing the expansion arrow. :slight_smile:

THANK YOU :slight_smile: :slight_smile: @Beledien

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I’ve only ever used Chrome so I don’t know about the other browsers/devices, sorry @EileensCraftStudio

@HelenCliffordArt @JOYSofGLASS You’re welcome! I only found it a few months ago, and entirely by accident when I was scrolling up and down my tiny description box and happened to click the trackpad in that exact spot. It think I actually had a little hallelujah moment when the window got bigger … there was a tiny chorus of angels and everything (possibly even a harp)!!



Wow Melanie @Beledien - thanks for that. You learn something new every day :slight_smile: