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Hi everyone,
I’m just wondering if any of you lovely people have noticed you can add 15 tags to each listing instead of just 5. :laughing:

I noticed 2 days ago as I was adding a listing but the night before I was only allowed to add 5. Anyone who isn’t aware, take some time to edit your listings and add 10 extra tags to each of them.

I really do love Folksy for this as I felt 5 was very little. :wink:


I’m not sure if 15 is a good idea. With 5, you think of words that would best describe your items. Now you can add other words and phrases which are close or ways your items can be used etc. So the search will bring up items which might not be relevant to what you are looking for.

That is true somewhat Minerva but are people who are looking to buy going to type your tag in the same way you have? That all reflects on where you appear in the search results and I’m pretty certain every seller on Folksy would love nothing more than to have their item appear as far up to the top on the first page as possible.

The extra tags give you extra chances of that happening, use some tags from your title & description too. x

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I just saw on another shop that she had more tags, you would think they would tell us when they make changes like this!
Sometimes I find it hard to think of five, not sure I could use them all, and only just got all my tags added, but will try to add more as I go along.

I was only aware since I’d mentioned it in another post and Minerva didn’t know about it. I wondered if there was others that didn’t which is why I decided to make the topic. x

I did a double take the other day when I saw 15 tags, but I assumed that I’d just got muddled up with which site I was on, as I’ve only just started out on Folksy! Glad to see I’m not quite as crackers as I thought!

I saw this a while back and queried it on here, but I didn’t really get an answer about it…there seemed to be some confusion about whether we are supposed to add more than 5 tags.
I see it now actually says on the listing that we can add up to 15 tags!
I may leave mine at 5 for now, but add more where appropriate to new listings…


Thanks for letting us know!

It’s up to each individual seller whether they’d like to remain at 5 tags or make good use of the 15 but as long as people are aware they have the choice then at least this topic has done some good.

Rhiannon you made me smile!!

I think it would be wise to use all 15 when adding new listings Kim. :wink:

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Great news, I was finding it a bit restricting having only 5.

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Same @dare2dream

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This is wonderful news! 5 is really hard, especially if you want to include different spellings. e.g.cosy, cozy, cosies, cozies, add a colour and tags are used up. With 15 I might make some real use of them :smile:

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Happy tagging! @rosesworkshop :grin:

Excellent but I haven’t yet finished tagging all my items yet. So I will carry on where I left off and use as many tags as I can think up. Then go back to the beginning and add more where I can.

We don’t have to use all 15 just remember you can use as many as you feel will help up to 15 :slight_smile:

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Way to go Eileen!! x :grin:

I’m glad there are more than 5 but doubt I’ll use all 15 but like @rosesworkshop said it is useful if you can add different spellings of some words or just different words that mean the same thing.

The more tags you use the easier it is for potential buyers to find you. The theory that you can ever have too many tags seems wrong on a number of levels. Relevant views translates into sales and I have never seen an SEO expert complain about having too many tags available to use.

There are a number of software programmes out there that will assist in choosing the most effective tags to return your items in search and I highly recommend spending the time and effort!


Absolutely I have certainly been learning the value of tags recently. I used to find it really difficult to think of a few. I find it much easier now, and it does allow you to describe your work fully. The greater number of tags the greater chance of attracting potential buyers. People also type in the most unexpected search terms, so it’s fun putting your thinking cap on for the many permutations. :smile:

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I need advice on listing my fifteen tags, I have been adding a hastag before my item, like this
#hedgehog. Or #saleitems. Is this the correct way, hope someone can help, thanks

Sue xx

No, you don’t need the hashtags. Hashtags are only used on social media, such as twitter and instagram.