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Adding Options to a Listing

Hi, just wondering if I’m missing something when making listings!

I’ll be mainly making personalised/custom items and want to add ‘options’ to my listings. I’ve just made my first listing and can’t for the life of me find any way to do it. After a quick search for other personalised gifts I can see that some have a ‘CHOOSE OPTIONS’ button, but I’ve no idea how!!!

Please help :slight_smile:

Once you have listed your item you can add the variations.
I haven’t done it myself, but I believe you just go to the item page and there is an option to ‘edit or add variations’

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Ahhhhh there it is, thank you :slight_smile:

Seems odd not to have it on the actual edit page, but at least I know now.

Many thanks.

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I learnt this on Saturday. It was driving me potty trying to work out where to do the options :grimacing:

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Here’s the instructions in case you get stuck now you know where the button is.

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It seem odd to me too as you have to finish your listing before your can add options. I always think someone is going to buy the item before i can get the alternative prices on…haha that is just wishful thinking for a sale :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I discovered you can do it before you actually list the item, I also had the wishful thinking/worry that someone would buy it before I added a variation! Once you’ve put all the info in for the item and preview the listing, you can click on the edit/add variation on that preview page before clicking to list it :slight_smile:


brilliant info - thank you :+1:

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