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Really need a variations facility

Loads of my products come in different sizes and colours, with and without personalisation.

I’m sure lots of other producers have the same thing.

Be great to have a configurable variations section to add options and amend pricing for the option in particular.

Also, for personalised items need some way of capturing the personalisation.


There is a variations facility. If you look at any of your item listings you will see it by the ‘Edit’ function.
You have to list the item first and then go back in to add variations. I haven’t used it myself so can’t be much more help.

There is a limited form of variation but as far as I have seen, you can’t access it until you are as far as the preview & you have to go back where it says edit

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The editor add variations let’s you add different prices ie if you add a different colour with a higher price just add the extra amount.

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Here is the blog post explaining how to use the variations function…

OK Got it - I was looking for on the main edit listing screen, did not expect to find on the listings page!

Thanks for responses.

Hi I’m Dawn. And only just signed up to Folksy today. Just done my first listening. I’m not very computer minded. And need to add other sizes
But I still I’ll don’t get where to find it. I’m a little scared I’m going to list something and make a mistake. Please can someone help? me. I must say you folksy people seem a really lovely family crafting group.

If you go into the item as shown on your shop page, on the right hand side part way down says edit and add or edit variations.

Hi Thank you I will have a look. To see if I can font it.

here’s a link to the folksy blog post about variations - its got images in it to help you find things How to add variations to your Folksy shop