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Adding tags.....still!

(Christine Shephard) #1

I’ve spent hours today re-organising my shop and re-instating all the items that weren’t in the sale. At the same time, I’ve listed some new items and started adding tags to the others. I’m about half way through the tagging…and it’s so boring, I’ll have to stop now and do the rest another day.

Has everyone else already done this? Has it generated more views/sales for you, or am I just wasting my time?

Some good news…I listed a new photo notebook this morning and it sold almost immediately! After a long, dry spell on Folksy, that’s a real result :smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’ve done nearly all my tagging just got to do the reorganising and finishing off the listing of new items before my plus account runs out. As far as I can tell it’s not lead to an increase in views or sales but hopefully it will at Christmas as it allows people to find what they want quicker.
Well done on the sale.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Congrats on the sale :smile:
I’ve still not finished doing all my tags I was on the last page when we were given more so I started again adding more.

I’m doing a few every day so it’s not so ‘boring’ lol

I have noticed a large increase in views in the last 2 weeks and I was away for 4 days so did no promoting so I guess it’s due to tags.

(Kam) #4

Congratulations on the sale! yup I have been re tagging too - I am not one for admin in any way so it’s a real bore task for me but I’m hoping it’s worth it! I have had an increase in views as well - so I am guessing it’s down to the tags :smile:

(Diane Burton) #5

I did all my cards when we were given tags but when they allowed us more I decided to just add more when I list/relist an item after a few I started to get ‘taggers block’ and couldn’t think of anything :smile:

(Christine Shephard) #6

130 down…41 to go…(yawns) :persevere:

(Amberlilly) #7

Still got loads to do! Lol!

(Sasha Garrett) #8

(wakey wakey) That’s over 3/4 done, you’re in the finishing straight now!

(LoveHeartTrinkets) #9

Still got loads list and do after taking a hiatus. Congratulations on the sale.

Chloe x

(Christine Shephard) #10

Yay!!! All done!! Phew…now for a cup of tea and then it’s time to take some photos so I can add some more new things to my shop.

I must remember to add the tags as I go…:slight_smile:

(Patricia Smith) #11

Well done! I think I’ve done most of mine but there are probably some I’ve missed. Interesting observation today regarding tags - I did a Folksy search for a pair of my stud earrings but they didn’t appear. On checking back I found that I’d just described them as ‘studs’ in the title. However they were listed in the ‘earrings’ category and the word ‘earrings’ appeared both in the tags and in the description. Have added the crucial word to the title now and they do get found. Does the search actually take any notice at all of the tags?!