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Is anyone noticing an improvement in views since the tags have come in?

Just wondered if anyone has noticed a change in their views since the tags have come in? I am seeing an improvement but I almost want to whisper it for fear of a jinx!!!
Emma x


Nope, sadly not but maybe Im not tagging correctly.

No but I don’t think they have ‘gone’ live yet thought they were giving us time to get them done.

Aww I’m disappointed to hear they aren’t live, I’ve recently gone from 0-3 views a day to 20+

I have seen an improvement in ‘views’, but sadly these are not turning into sales!
When I first put my tags on I had my first sale, and I was overjoyed, but I am back to square one again.
One sale at a time, I know I will not become an international overnight sensation, I am quite realistic,but…
Suzzie x

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I’m not sure if my views have improved at all. But I’m not sure if the tags I have used are good enough. Maby not if they haven’t gone live :blush:

Yesterday I barely had any views but this morning when I looked it had suddenly jumped up.

Is everyone who is seeing an improvement in their views after tagging remembering that everytime they look at the item (ie when adding the tags) it will count as a view? (you can exclude your own views in google analytics but I’m not sure you can if you are looking at the folksy stats) My views have gone up massively but that is just me editing the listings to add the tags not potential customers.

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I’ve now realised why my views have gone up, its because one of my decorations had been repinned on pinterest. It didn’t lead to a sale though.

Good point Sasha, the day after I put tags on I was delighted to see that my views had shot up to 97, then I realised that many of those views would have been me, doh! :laughing:


Yes, my views and sales have gone up this week.

My views have gone up way more than me going into each listing once to edit it - message on screen this morning said an increase of 1117%.

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Nice Stephanie @BerryNiceCushions

I’ve been on Folksy a long time and last year it absolutely flatlined so it nice to finally see some movement again :smile:

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Thanks for bringing Tags to my attention. My shop is currently closed while I take a June break but I’m going to tag a few listings a day now I’ve spotted this so they’re all done for when I reopen.
Joy xx,

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The tags are live on Folksy, so you can now include tags when you list a product. Just to clarify, the tags are used within Folksy site search and are there to help people browse. They are not used for external search engines like Google.

I’m very happy to hear you’ve noticed an improvement in views though @clarkiedesigns. It could be due to a number of things we’ve been working on, and/or something you’ve done too? The tags are there to help people find what they’re looking for on Folksy, so for example if someone does a search for ‘cute cushion’ and you’ve used that as one of your tags, your product should come up very high in the list of results.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks Camilla. I have been waiting for tags for a while so I am hoping it’s them but I think being in the Father’s Day and Teacher gift guides at the mo is helping too. What’s interesting though is it’s not just those product areas that have seen an improvement. However what’s so great about the gift guides is they just improve overall visibility in your shop,

Unfortunately, no. Not a whisper of a sale either, going through a really bad patch for about a month!

Mine have gone up, but they couldn’t have gone down much further lol. Need some sales now to make me happy :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying Camilla @folksycontent, unfortunately not seeing an increase in views.

my items seem to be higher to top of listings when i’ve tried out different searches - but as for views? no !