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Gift box vs tissue and gift bag

(PaulsJewels) #1

Hi just wondering what each of you would prefer as a buyer/do in your shops for customers. Thanks in advance.

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #2

Hi Paula nicely packaged is the key thing for me, tissue and ribbon can looks just as lovely as a box, but i send in a box unless a ring, wrapped in gift paper and ribbon,

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

I put my jewellery into a pretty gift bag.I wrap that in card then put some ribbon tied in a bow on to that.

I have found at fairs ect people really like those little bags and aren’t so keen on boxes.

(Deborah Jones) #4

I now use tissue and a gift bag, it allowed me to lower my postage costs.
And customers have told me they like the gift bags as they keep the jewellery in them when they travel.

If items are being sent by special delivery I use up my boxes.

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(Susannah Ayre) #5

To be honest for me it depends how much I’m paying. If I was spending a lot I’d expect it to come in a box. If it wasn’t that expensive then the bag- but would be happy enough with a less expensive item just wrapped in tissue paper. But then I totally loathe those weird shiny organza bags. Hahaha

( Valerie Dockerty) #6

I put some of my jewellery mostly silver plate in tissue paper and organza bag so I can than put it into a pip box so it can keep the postage down to a large letter.
sterling silver and more expensive jewellery I tend to put in a box but will go for a small parcel and will cost £3.30

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #7

I’m the same as @jenniesgems
Haven’t had any complaints so far!

(Amberlilly) #8

It depends. If its boxed, then it will be more to post. I try to pretty it up and keep the postage down. But if its a large items I.e. a netbook sleeve or dog coat, then I send it with little fuss to keep down the cost.

(Samantha Stanley) #9

Cooksons do boxes that will fit a large letter size. For those of you that have had to increase postage costs for boxed items this might be worth looking into!

Love Sam x

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( Valerie Dockerty) #10

Thanks Sam will have a look

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(Christine E.) #11

I’ve been searching everywhere for small boxes that will go as a large letter in a padded envelope! Thanks for the tip! I also use these for my larger brooches The little bow on the top can be a bit thick for some finicky POs, but I’ve put them in the post box for years without a problem.

(ElysiumOfNature) #12

If I’m buying something expensive (maybe around the £40 and over mark?) then I’d expect a box. But otherwise I think organza bags do very nicely as well, it’s what I put all of my jewellery in before shipping (it’s good as it doesn’t add much weight onto shipping as well).

(Deborah Jones) #13

the cooksons boxes and most of the slim ones won’t go as large letter once in a padded envelope, they are the full thickness allowed , so would just have to go in a poly bag .
They are too fat to fit in a pip box too.

What envelope do you use with your bow boxes Christine ?

(Christine E.) #14

I just put them in a Staples bubble envelope. I found these on the Cooksons site which would be good for my smaller brooches and tiny models.
I like to put my brooches in a box for the “reveal” moment when the lid’s removed!

(Deborah Jones) #15

I am really surprised that a box in a bubble envelope gets there with a large letter stamp on.
Even with my skinny boxes , they are way too fat once in a padded envelope.

I agree with you that the reveal moment is important.

(Patricia Smith) #16

I always use a Cookson’s postal box in a bubble envelope and have never had a problem. I think they are 1.8cm deep and you are allowed 2.5cm for large letter rate. There isn’t room for additional packaging or a ribbon though and I don’t chance it with the long bracelet boxes because they need to go through the slot at a very precise angle and sometimes need a bit of encouragement!

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(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #17

Here’s what i do, pack them in the large letter size box i think they are 20 mm deep , wrap in gift paper and ribbon, wrap them round with the form (info and return label) and then … here’s the crafty bit i pop my hand inside the bubble envelope and squish pop all the bubbles ( not the very end side ones as the boxes don’t go that far, the boxes go in easily enough and they are well padded and still just fit through as large letter size. if you have 4 or 5 to do at one time it does make your fingers ache, but for one or two it’s worth the hassle :smiley:

(Dawn Sneesby) #18

The boxes that you buy which state they will go as large letter, will not once in the padded envelope. This happened to me and ended up having to pay £3.30 for small package. I got around it the next time by wrapping the box in brown paper. The Kraft boxes I buy from the Tiny Box Company are very sturdy so were fine.

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( Valerie Dockerty) #19

I have bought some very shallow boxes from the bay of e I think they were about 16 mm and a long box but will only fit my small resin pendants which are not very deep
they then will fit in a pip box but any deeper box will not fit.

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