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Advice needed on boosting views - please xx

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Etsy, I joined in May and have had no problem setting up my shop and listing my items. I was delighted with 3 sales very early on but I am now noticing a huge drop in views and no sales. I understand that you get out what you put in and you can’t just open a shop and let it sit there but I am not sure what I can do to boost the views/sales. I am trying to get as involved as I can with the forums but wondered if anybody would mind spending a couple of minutes offering some much needed advice on what else I can do. My business is personalised greeting cards and prints. Thank you in advance


Selling on FOLKSY requires a lot of work. Try joining in with threads like
"What have you listed today?", “The rainbow game”, "Favourite an item from the shop above you"
There are also several facebook groups, on twitter there is #folksyfriday, Craftjuice, hope this helps.

Thank you @BizzyLiz - appreciate the advise

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Also you must promote your items outside of Folksy.

Here is a little list of places where you can do this.

Pinterest (we have the ‘pin it’ button on every item)
instagram ( for which you can only do via an android phone)

Don’t forgot word of mouth and handing out your business cards/flyers

Hope that helps

Thank you so much @EileensCraftStudio - will have a look at all the above and start promoting.