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Help please ! - How can I generate more traffic to my shop?

Hi all, I’m new to Folksy and would love to hear from fellow crafter’s on how to generate more traffic to my shop. I’ve made 5 sales during August but all interest has now dried up. I did a little promotion work through someone I know who has a You Tube channel which saw my views rocket but since then its all gone quiet. Any feedback of suggestions are most welcome. I’m currently in the process of setting up a Facebook page but that’s still a work in progress. I do have an Instagram account where I post pictures of my work. Thank you in advance. Si

Promote Over insta, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+,

Post at least once a day on these channels.

If you had success from a You Tube promotion then you should try and get back on board with that.

Yes, I agree with Andy, any social media that you can do will be a big help, I’ve just followed you on instagram, hope that will help’s a bit. :slight_smile:

Thank you for advice and support


I’d also recommend adding your social media links to your Folksy shop @BuzzvineDesigns

Thank you for the advice


I really need to get my social media sorted out. Its on my list of things to do.

Thank you for the advice and support


Have just added one of your lovely garden signs to my Handmade Folksy Board on Pinterest.

Good luck with your shop. Natasha x

Thank you everso much


Si you might want to check your terms, under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, I think you as the supplier is responsible for goods until they are delivered so if something does go astray in the post you have to remedy it with a replacement or refund and claim back through the courier.

Love your signs by the way, good luck and when you are on Facebook do pop across to the Folksy Shop Group :slight_smile:

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Hi Maxine

Thank you for this, I’ll take a look.

I’ll also join the group once I get on Facebook

Many thanks

Yes @paperchainsandbeads is 100% correct. I would therefore remove the paragraph which says that you are not responsible from your listings @BuzzvineDesigns

I’ll get them amended asap.

Thanks again

All my terms have now been corrected.

Thank you all for the feedback :innocent:

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I gave you a little promo on Stumble Simon so hopefully that will generate some views.

You can also improve with your tags, you can use multiple words in your tags so could add things like ‘gift for gardeners’, ‘gift for him’, ‘personalised greenhouse signs’, try to add tags that people would type in the search bar :slight_smile:

Hi Maxine

Thank you for the promo. I’ll also try adding more tags to my listings.

Thanks again

Good morning all, I checked my shop views on Saturday and it had increase to 45 views. Brilliant, lets hope those views turn into sales.

Thank you for all your support and suggestions ! Any other suggestions etc are greatly welcome.


Hi Si! Glad your views have increased. Sales should follow as your work is appealing. Just a thought,… until I looked at individual items, I wasn’t sure if you accepted commissions. Perhaps think about adding a Shop Announcement that would show at the top of your main page so people realise you’re not just offering what they see immediately. Good luck … I’m sure you’ll do well.

Hi Bee, That sounds like a plan. How do I add a “Shop Announcement” ?


Si it’s easy … says she who hasn’t done one yet :slight_smile: Just go to your Dashboard. From list on left look for Shop Settings head underneath which is a feature also called Shop Settings … click on it. Then scroll to bottom of page for place to add your Announcement text. Might have to think about doing one myself now :wink: