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Advice on returning something to a shop, please! Update :(

(Christine E.) #1

My computer monitor went funny a few days ago. My OH thought it was kaput, so this morning went to Curry’s and bought a new one. When he was about to change them over, he found that a cable had come loose on the back of the computer and there was nothing wrong with my monitor!
The receipt says they’ll give a full refund if you return an item unopened. Trouble is, he opened the box before he started.
And he’s also quite embarrassed about his reasons for taking it back!
Has anyone else had experience of similar circumstances? Is there any likelihood of us getting a refund?

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

I have had this sort of thing with my OH. He brought a very expensive pair of gamers headphones. Decided he didn’t like them and took them back. He just said they weren’t the right thing and he got his money back. Hope that helps.

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(Susannah Ayre) #3

Don’t you technically have 14 days after any purchase to return an item no questions asked as long as the item is in a resellable state? I may be wrong though. I very rarely return anything to be honest.
There will be something on the shop website about their returns policy. Or there is usually something on the receipt?

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(Liz Clark) #4

I thought that was just for online purchases, not shop ones.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Most shops will take an item back as long as you have the receipt and haven’t worn it, used it.

Is the packing damaged? Best thing is to take it back and see as some things have a security tag within the packing that’s means if the item is used the tag is broken. This is to stop people using something for say an event then trying to return it.

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(Donna) #6

Curry’s are great about you taking things back to them, we took a telly back not long ago because we didn’t like the noise it made whilst on standby and they just replaced it with no problems . They did offer us a refund, but we wanted the television. :slight_smile:

Edit: That wasn’t quite clear. The telly was supposed to make the noise it wasn’t faulty and they replaced it with a different model. They were very understanding and easy to deal with :slight_smile:

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(Christine E.) #7

Well, thanks for your comments, everyone! I feel a bit more optimistic now! My OH will just have to swallow his embarrassment and take it back tomorrow…

(Christine E.) #8

BOOOOO! They wouldn’t take it back because the seal on the box was broken :frowning:
Anyone need a brand new Acer 21.5" monitor ? Will take £55 ono, buyer collects from Wimbledon :slight_smile: