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Amending Products By Category

(Lynne Morison) #1

Hi, I’m Lynne & new here. I wondered if there’s a way of searching our own products by category. I want to change some images for my necklaces (to start with) but the only way I can find to do this is to trawl through all my listings pages, which is a real pain & so time consuming. Would anyone know the answer please? Thank you :smile:

(Janet Blackbourn) #2

Hello Lynne,
I’m new to Talk Folksy as well, though my dolls clothes shop has been around for quite a long while.
Did you know you can also edit your listings & change photos by viewing your shop, click on the product you want to edit & then ‘edit this item’ will show in right hand column. Very straightforward.
Hope this helps, Jan

(Lynne Morison) #3

Hi Jan. Thank you so much, no I didn’t know that. You’re so helpful, thank you so so much. I was beginning to give up. I’ll give that a go now. :smile: x