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Editing Categories

Is there a way or is it just not possible on folksy?

I have a few different categories for different things in our shop, art, jewellery and sale items (the art and jewellery then have the different items in different categories too). Which makes them easy to find when looking at the shop.

But when it comes to editing a listing they are all together in one big looooong list, rather than in their categories, is it just me that really irritates?
If I need to edit one listing (and I cant remember when its likely to expire to give me an idea where it might be) I have to scroll through my hundreds of listings until I find it and yes its always on the second to last page, but I have wasted time looking for it, going through all the pages, when it could be less if they were in their categories.

Any chance folksy, if its not already available, they can be seperated into categories on the editing pages too?

I don;t think there is (same for me too) but you can edit from your view shop if you want to so go into the category, click on the item then there’s an edit button on the right hand side, it also says when it was listed :slight_smile:

I would also love to see a ‘hide’ button on the shop view to save going through all the listings if your listening @Folksyadmin


You know I have been on Folksy for years and never noticed the edit button :rofl::rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I knew Etsy had it but never looked for it on Folksy!!
I guess that will make it a bit easier now!!

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