Folksy Ltd

Anyone get duplicate orders?

(Sarah Bell) #1

This is the third time I’ve had a customer accidentally put two orders through, (this time meaning my item is now out of stock, till I can cancel it)

Each time the customer says they have had trouble checking out and were prompted to start the process again.

I send a message to say sorry etc, and it resolves itself eventually, but it seems a bit odd that it keeps happening!

(Minerva) #2

I never had that happening. Have you checked with Admin? Maybe they can explain…

(Sarah Bell) #3

Yeah, I’ve notified them. It boils down to the customer checking out twice, which is fair enough, but seems unusual that it’s happened to a good percentage of my customers, hehe.

(Occasional Guest Books) #4

Frustratingly I have just had a customer duplicate their order 4 times. Each time they said their basket showed as empty. They also said there was not an option to use a cc just a Paypal account at the checkout.

(Sarah Bell) #5

Hmm, that sounds familiar!