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Buyers reporting 'empty basket'

I’ve had several buyers reporting that their basket of goods keep emptying when they go to pay. I thought to begin with it was because another buyer had selected and paid for the same sale item, but it has now happened to goods that were not in my sale and haven’t been bought by someone else. I’ve ended up issuing a direct PayPal invoice to these buyers, which is a shame as it bypasses my Folksy shop - not something I want to do on a regular basis. Was there a glitch in the system that caused this?

Hi, I’ve just tried a test purchase from my shop taking through to Stripe and Paypal payments. Didn’t do the final step an actually purchase but didn’t have any basket issues. I only tested with one item though so maybe it’s only happening with multiple or certain items, or maybe whatever it is has been fixed.

… just tried with a couple of items and that also seemed ok so here’s hoping whatever it was has been resolved.

Well done on the sales btw :grinning:

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I wonder whether they had items from more than one shop in their basket? (Not that I can think why that might make it happen, but it would be interesting to rule that out/in.)

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I’ve tried again with items from 2 shops and still looked ok, though had to abandon before payment so maybe the issue is happening at that last step.

On another note was interesting to see that was only given Paypal as a payment option this time - must be that the other shop doesn’t have Stripe set up. Makes sense but guess this means that even if you have set up Stipe as an option, you could lose a sale if someone is buying from multiple shops and has an issue with Paypal - they wouldn’t know to process them separately.

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It’s always worth emailing admin when things like this happen so that Doug can investigate - it might have been a glitch at Folksy’s end or the payment processors or with your customers internet. I believe that Doug can see abandoned baskets but I’m not sure how much additional info he gets as to why they were abandoned.


@feelfeltfound Whether the other shop has Stripe set up or not, Stripe is no longer available tor multiple shop purchases (it’s to do with switching the integration after the fraudulent orders).

ah that rings a bell, remember reading that somewhere now. Thanks for the reminder :grinning: