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Ordering Problems

Is anyone else having repeated problems with customers not being able to order? This morning I’ve had another customer message me to say she cannot ‘get a product to go in the basket’. This has happened several times over the past couple of weeks, plus problems with Stripe and PayPal payments. I’ve resorted to sending a PayPal invoice direct - which is a shame as it bypasses Folksy entirely (apart from using the website to choose what to order).
Can anyone explain or offer a solution please? @Folksyadmin ?
Heather xx

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Not had anything flagged to me and have had a few orders… but doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Hope you get a resolution soon.

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Not happening with all orders - but frequently enough for me to worry that I may be losing orders if customers get frustrated. But thank you! Hx

Yeah it would make you wonder how often it’s happened and the customer’s just gone elsewhere without mentioning it - I’d have to be mega keen to have a particular item to bother contacting the seller. I supposed the odd tech glitch is inevitable but good you’ve reported it in case something needs fixed.

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YES…i had a customer yesterday who had problems paying using paypal. It went through ok in the end and I think the problem may have been with her acc not Folksy. She messaged to say ‘ignore the message about changing the name of the bear’ which she had requested on the order…lucky she did as I hadn’t received the order. It took a while to sort but eventually went through ok

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I’ve just had a customer contact me saying she’s having trouble with Paypal. It seems there are problems with PayPal when I’ve looked at an outage map

I’ve also learnt she had items from about four different shops in her basket, which may have been the problem. She ended up paying with credit card.