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Anyone in/around Northumberland?

(Susannah Ayre) #1

For anyone who may be interested, there’s a shop in Corbridge called Trunk Reclaimed. They use reclaimed timber and make lovely pieces of furniture which they show in their shop.
However they’re now looking for high quality locally produced work; pottery, basketry, soft furnishings, ironwork and sculpture which they can also sell through their shop.
Lovely people and in a lovely little town! With a good footfall especially in the spring/summer months and before Christmas. So if you’re interested they’re on Twitter at @trunkreclaimed feel free to send them a message if you think you fit the bill! :blush:

(Rachel) #2

Stephanie @stephshortstationery is this your neck of the woods?

(Leah Wilkinson) #3

Thank you for posting about this I live just down the road in Hexham so this is something I’d love to look into.

(Stephanie Short) #4

Hi Rachel , yes not far, about half an hour from where I live, it’s a lovely market town but then there’s quite a few little market towns dotted around this area.

This is my OH mate’s website he sells and supplies different tourist information shops, tea rooms and other outlets around the north east.

(Rachel) #5

Stephanie its not my post can you reply to Susannah :smiley:

(Susannah Ayre) #6

They have a website but it’s probably easier just to tweet them (if you use Twitter that is) On Twitter they reply pretty quickly.
I know the owners, so they just asked if I could help spread the word with the sorts of things they’re looking for. :blush:

(Debi Cummins) #7

Thanks for in the info, I’m in a village near Alnwick so I’ll get in touch and see if they’re interested :smile: