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Anyone selling on Wow Thank you, would like your opinion please

Wow thank you, I’ve just applied for more information from them, but before taking the plunge I just wondered if anyone had tried it, i know they are quite active on facebook and do lots of shares (been watching them for a day or two now).

I know folksy has got all the lovely new xmas gift guides, (which i’ve yet to get into any of them), not that i got into any before, and they are on facebook too although not a fraction of share’s were shown over the same period of time, but it would be nice to hear from someone who is with them and get a true idea from a sellers point of view.

Which selling site are your referring to?

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Wow thank you :smile:
first 3 words on my first post, lol don’t worry @EileensCraftStudio is easily missed :smiley:

I’ve had a shop with them, never really sold anything at all, I think 2 cards and no knitwear at all so I didnt renew after the year as I lost a lot of money with them as made under 5 pounds in the year.

I posted a similar question a while ago, but it was removed because we’re not supposed to discuss other sites. It was a waste of money for me and someone messaged to privately to say it had been a waste of money for them too…

I thought you were saying ‘wow thank you’ to us :smile:


Thanks for that @SapphiraDesigns and @coatimundi
Lol @Minerva well thank you anyway :smiley:

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All I can say is - what a stupid name for a selling venue!!

I have bought from them, when a seller I know and have bought from before was selling something I wanted there, but I keep forgetting to have a look!

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Thanks @Louisa15 :smile:

hee! hee! that made me chuckle!

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I applied to them about two years ago and got accepted. I kept lurking around their site for a while before deciding what to do and it seemed to me that not much changed - ie- jewellery I’d seen was still there weeks later like it wasn’t selling. Also their page layout annoyed me (it might have changed now, it was ages ago) so I didn’t bother in the end. I signed up with someone else for twice the money and hardly sold anything there either! So now I’m sticking firmly with Folksy, I do much better here!

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Thanks @TheDragonflyLane :slight_smile: well not heard any positives yet, but won’t be making any rash decisions, I need to see Christmas through on here, but must say i don’t like the give craft at Christmas link they have put on our listings :frowning:

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I don’t like it either - it’s too big and distracting, and makes it too easy for people to click away from your shop!

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oh sorry didn’t realized that was the site and no I’ve never even heard of it.

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I use WTY and been pleased with it. I’ve sent you a pm x


Previously when I’ve looked on the site and looked at “sold items” by a few sellers, it seemed like nothing had been sold. But I had a look just now and the first shop I went to had sold loads of stuff, so perhaps it’s getting better…

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Thanks Jan @HandcraftedbyPicto R&R

I opened Folksy, Etsy & WTY at the same time. Folksy 300+ sales Etsy 200+ sales WTY 7 sales! BTW that is not bigging up Folksy as most of those sales were in 2010 and 2011 and I only really got to grips with Etsy in 2012 so that is by far my biggest outlet now x

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Thanks Susan @dottiedesigns I’m still on Etsy but to be honest i’ve spent way too much time promoting on this one, i will have to get to grips with etsy and give it a little shake :slight_smile: