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Anyone want to join me in a little Facebook experiment?

(Helen Dale) #1

So, like a lot of folks my Facebook reach has plummeted recently. I posted a comment earlier today and a couple of responses got me thinking. So I tried a little, highly scientific, experiment. My recent posts had had two or three photos and had a reach of 50 after several days. So I wondered if posting a single photo made a differenc. So about half an hour ago I posted a single image and a double image posting at pretty much the same time. Both had words relating to selling (but one was a bit longer on text cos I felt the need to apologise if folks were seeing lots of recent posts from me for the same item!). After 15 minutes the single image had a reach of 150+ and 13 likes and 3 comments. The multiple image post had 6 views, 1 like and no comments.
Following on from my extensive, time consuming research I thought 1) others might be interested (or maybe not!?) and 2) I’d see if anyone else had their own experiments and results they would like to share?

(Christine E.) #2

I posted a group of three photos on October 26th on my Owl and Pussycat Gift Shop page. No incriminating sales-type words. It’s been seen by 7 people (and favourite by my OH!)!!! I must admit I don’t put much effort into my Facebook page, but this is ridiculous! :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #3

I’ve stopped trying to second guess Facebook, it’s so hugely unpredictable. It’s interesting to read your results - do you think the fact that they were posted close together will have had an impact too? But then if you post them apart you would have a different audience.

Sharing in groups will increase your views, I share my miniature paintings in doll house groups.

(Helen Dale) #4

Hmm, I’m going to need a control day to work that one out I think! But the views are so wildly different that I can’t imagine the first one (now at20 views) had much influence on the second one (now at 250 views!). Might have to experiment with key phrases tomorrow - I’m sure there’s a PhD in this somewhere (for someone far smarter than me :wink:

(Helen Smith) #5

I’ve found that a single photo shared from instagram to fb seems to have the best reach, the one I posted earlier today has a reach of over 300 now (my page has only around 200 likers)

(Ruth ) #6

I have no idea how fb works - total technophobe over here !!!
Posted 1 photo on 20.10.15 - recently made bangle, reach was 402. Posted 23.10.15 - my workshop companion, reach was 93. Can only hopefully assume people appreciate my work rather than work companion - though he is cute.
Just posted 5 photos relating to the production of a new piece so will be interested how that one goes.

(Karen Ellam) #7

Facebook is such a mystery. I like using it, but it can be really deflating when there’s no interaction with posts. It’s such a shame it now plugs away for payed promotion.
I know it doesn’t cost big bucks to use their promoting tool, but for me personally I’m just not in the position to pay out for it. Maybe one day hopefully.
I know people have done very well in the past using Facebook as a shop front. It would be interesting to hear their story since the changes…
I haven’t had my page for long but it plods on slowly. I get the odd new like occasionally. :blush:

I mainly post one photo with a paragraph of text. I try to use a few hashtags too. I try to not focus totally on new listings, and mix it up with work in progress info and photos, and abit of light hearted banter.
I find unless my Dad (bless him) shares the post, I don’t really get many views at all.
Some family members say they don’t even see the posts, so I think Facebook carefully selects who sees what.

If ever I crack the riddle I will be sure to let you know :smile:


(Karen Ellam) #8

That’s interesting Helen @HelenSmith

I’ve seen the link when I use Instagram but just haven’t given it a whirl.
When I next list a new item I will definitely give it a go.


(Helen Healey) #9

I’ve become really disillusioned with Facebook recently. Some of my posts have had an appalling reach and the only way I can improve it is to share in various groups. My husband very kindly shares my posts but despite the fact that he regularly interacts with my page, my posts very often don’t show up in his newsfeed! Thankfully he will visit my page to share my post but I do wonder how few of my page likers actually see my posts when Facebook are so restrictive of how many newsfeeds they will allow my posts to show up in. I only have 170 odd likes on my page anyway so Facebook restricting how many of them can see my post means I’ve become almost invisible! I can’t afford to pay to boost so I’m stuck with it. I know I should try and branch out into other social media platforms but I’m not the most tech-savvy person and it took me ages to get to grips with Facebook!! :smile:

(Claire Mead) #10

I’ve been stuck on the same amount of likes for a few months now and can’t seem to get any more which is beginning to annoy me somewhat. I’m on 367.
I often add more than one photo to show the product that I’m adding to my page, so I will have a go and see if adding one makes a difference. Thanks for the tip, I will let you know what happens.

(Roz) #11

I’m not sure the number of photos posted makes much difference. My reach tends to vary from about 25 - 50 for each post no matter how many photos. I have to say I am not terribly active on Facebook! I do occasionally get a better reach but that tends to be related to how many people have liked/commented on the post. I think the more people that interact with a post the wider the reach which is why you are encouraged to like/comment on posts by all the various groups.

(Helen Dale) #12

im sure you’re right that it’s about more than just the number of photos, but the scores on the doors this morning - 3 photo post 58 reach, 2 photo post of same item 78 reach, 1 photo post of same item 780 reach.
Might try an experiment with key words and phrases later in the week. Some folks for example seem to try and avoid using the word ‘sale’ or put a link to their shop in the comments only, rather than on the main post.
I would say over tHe years about 70% of my sales have come via Facebook, so I guess I’m just a bit more willing to perservere for the time being!

(Samantha Stanley) #13

Hi Helen,
Interesting results. I recently had two posts of the same necklace, one with a “making of” album and one with a single photograph. The reach for the single photograph was only 39, when I would have expected 100+ and the reach of the album was 56. Also disappointing. However, the single photograph received 9 comments and an equal number of likes and the album only 4.

It’s hard to say, but my conclusion is this. Facebook limits the reach of a particular page by how many likes it has. I have noticed my page has an upper limit of 250 timelines reached per week. So if I have had a popular post earlier in the week or I have done a promotion which has increased my organic (not paid for) reach over the week, then my next post will suffer. If I put two posts on in quick succession, the reach of these posts will be split between them with the post with the greater number of clicks (this is where multiple photos help) receiving the greater share of the reach. Of course if your reach is bumped up by a really popular post being shared by all your friends, there is nothing the algorithm can do about that, and it also would cause more likes to come to your page and increase the reach limit a bit further in a virtuous circle. But that’s the trick isn’t it :wink:

Love Sam x

(Liz Clark) #14

Not sure if any of you look at the Facebook for Business info on Facebook, but I remember reading this post from a year ago that may help shed some light on pages and how they work in showing up in Newsfeeds:

I remember taking part in the survey they did about what I found interesting in my newsfeed, so was interested in what the survey showed. I find the pages that I admire most, that I like to read myself, have something personal and informative about them. I use Facebook for social media purposes, not for shopping, so I don’t tend to like too many posts with a photo of a latest make and the price only. Others however do use FB in this way - so it’s all about your target audience and what works for them.

Anyway, I’m waffling, but have a read of the link above and see what you think. :smile:

(Helen Dale) #15

oo, good link thank you Liz. Which also took me here for some extra info

(Ruth ) #16

Well I’ve just learnt a thing or two - along with realising how naive I am when it comes to FB. I assumed - obviously quite wrongly - that anything I posted on my business page was viewed by those who liked my page. How wrong am I. I posted 5 pictures on Monday relating to the process of creating a piece of jewellery. On checking this morning it has been reached by 13!!! When I check my husband and dogs FB pages (yes my dog has a FB page - he is very cute & has more friends than me) the post hadn’t even landed on their pages!!! Re-posted one picture this morning which has a reach of 100. I know what I’ll be doing in the future.

(Julie Scollick) #17

Hi I did an experiment with the promotion £3 a day Just to see what my reach would do my Halloween giveaway so that should attract anyway it said my reach was 575 something like that I had one person comment and like already had 45 people comment before don’t think it was worth it but now seems my reach out s a bit low ? But I find you can put one item on and then your next one doesn’t get shown very strange can’t work it out I got a good tip check who’s liking and see if there a liker because they may not be and invite them to like your page x

(Karen Ellam) #18

I tried posting to my FB page direct from Instagram in the hope that it would reach a wider audience.
Wait for it… Drum roll if you please… :wink:

My post reached an amazing… 9 people…

It feels like it’s getting worse.

Oh well… Back to the drawing board :blush:


(Helen Dale) #19

Love the fact your dog has a Facebook page!

(Karen Ellam) #20

I’ve just noticed on the BBC News app there’s an article about FB. Apparently they’ve reported a jump in profits due to more people using paid advertising.

I think before long all social media will get on the same band wagon :disappointed_relieved: