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Are we allowed to sell jewellery with swear words on?

Hi, i can’t find any info anywhere to say if swear words are allowed or not, does anyone know? Thanks x

You are best off contacting support ( about that with a photo of a sample of what you would like to sell. I think you probably could sell it on here but you would need to blur out the swear word in the main photo so as not to offend anyone who might randomly come across it whilst browsing (the other photos could show it in all its glory but not the first/ main one). Like I said drop support an email for clarification.

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Personally I’m not keen on seeing things with swear words on but don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to - there are quite a lot of things for sale on Folksy with offensive words/messages on and plenty on the high street. Its all down to personal taste and lots of people are fine with it. I would do as Sasha suggests though and just check with Folksy first - I know they have a policy about “offensive” images but not sure about words. Its probably a bit of a grey area as what is offensive to one person won’t bother another.

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I’m sure I saw something like “F*** festive” on here somewhere, so maybe anything goes! Within reason I’m sure

I noticed that yesterday on the front page, was the full word too.

I’m sure it’s absolutely fine.

Personally, I find it offensive to have swear words on items and hate seeing them on the front page, but that’s just a personal preference.

Sarah x


I agree @thesherbetpatch don’t think it is appropriate especially when they land on the front page.


You could list it: I’m just not sure that Folksy shoppers would be your demographic…

Best to contact Folksy themselves.
I don’t like seeing swear words on full show, seeing as kids can look at this site.
If you have to do it could you blur out the word in the photo and use * for part of the word.

Morning everyone, what sort of things are you wanting to list in your shop with the words on? I only ask as your items already on sale are really lovely and it might detract interest away from those nice things :grinning:

i’d already messaged folksy before i asked the forum this question and folksy say there is no rule against using swear words but they would rather no swear words in the title or on show on the first photo.
the majority of my items are aimed at young adults and i try to follw their fashion, two items i sell at fairs etc have swear words on similar to best friends “best b**ches” , these are one of my best sellers and i sell them on eb-y and fb too, but ive noticed nothing like this on folksy, so for now i have decided not to add them.

That doesn’t sound too offensive.

My Mum’s even referred to her group of friends as her bitches in a joking fashion once and she NEVER swears. She won’t even say damn.

If the person trying to sell BDSM stuff is allowed to get away with the items they have on show (I have reported) then you can swear all you like,

If it’s the BDSM item I just found in a search I think it’s modelled by Prince William… :pensive:

Please to say that it has gone together with some very questionable and certainly nothing to do with hand made BDSM ‘polishers’. Really what do these people expect to get from trying to sell on totally inappropriate to them sites like Folksy ?

I don’t even know what that stands for! :open_mouth:

Neither did I Christine until I looked it up on Google.

Glad i’m not the only one then! [:blush:]

I had to google it too :slight_smile: (but it was pretty obviously something like that from the items for sale :slight_smile: )

Wouldn’t want to Google it- don’t want it in my “History”! :slight_smile: (or even my mind!)