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Art Chat : December 2014

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

This is the place to show and chat about all things Art …

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Hello everyone, I have started the new month thread so thought I would show one of my flower pieces … A4 this one :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Happy December everyone! :smile:

Gorgeous flower Hazel, I really love the texture on the flowers on this one, fabulous!

(Tessa Spanton) #4

Morning all and happy December, waves @ Hazel and Margaret.
Hazel that’s a lovely flower. Great shine and 3D effect.
I sold a silk poppies scarf on etsy which I am off to post shortly.

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Ooops i posted in the wrong thread…off to copy and paste it here :slight_smile:

Goodness there’s a lot of bitterness around the forum today. Totally understandable of course and I have added my comments to the other thread.

Meanwhile, I bought a W&N watercolour marker pen on Saturday and found some time to play with it yesterday in our local costa…

The lines don’t disappear so you have to use it slightly differently to actual watercolours but it was good fun and quite effective.

(Matt Underwood) #6

Dandelion, my new woodblock print.
This cat has adopted me :blush:

(Margaret Jackson) #7

I love Dandelion Matt, very cute, you’re very lucky to have been adopted by her.

Glad you’re enjoying your new marker pen Stephie, very effective portrait.

(Stephanie Guy) #8

Here’s another one with the same pen.

Matt I wish a cat would adopt me! Since my rabbit died this summer I’ve had a furry pet shaped hole in my life - I wanted to fill it with a puppy but hubs is having none of it. Cute print (:

(Tessa Spanton) #9

Aww Stephie I’ve got a furry dog shaped hole in mine.
I painted 3 new silk scarves today, posted off the sold one and took 2 down to the local gallery where there will be an open evening tonight with mulled wine and mince pies. I’ve been working since before 9 this am and just having a sit down with a cuppa.

You’re making good use of yr pen Stephie.
I like yr woodblock print Matt.

(Maxine Veronica) #10

Evening everyone, hope you are all well, been a bit busy this weekend hardly been on line at all! Had quite a few sales though , both here and over there so well pleased. Dads back in hospital again he’s got yet another infection, poor dabs really having a tough time, my step mum says he’s a bit brighter this afternoon after being on a drip so we’re crossing everything, I still haven’t been able to visit just can’t risk him catching this horrible bug I’ve had, feeling a bit better today but it really knocked me for six. Glad I have a few days leave this week so hopefully will be back to work on Thursday.

We just put up our Christmas tree :smile::christmas_tree:

Love the print Matt, hubs would love a kitty, maybe next year :).

Lovely flowers Hazel, great texture

Stephie, I love your pen sketches, you capture people so well
Waving to Margaret and Tessa

(Margaret Jackson) #11

Cute owl Stephie, you’re getting plenty of practise with your new pen I see.

Sorry to hear your Dad is back in hospital Max, enjoy your few days holiday and try not to do too much.

Enjoy the mulled wine and mince pies Tessa, I’m going to a ‘mince pie round the Christmas tree’ do at the local art gallery on Thursday :smile:

As promised, here’s my latest cross stitch work in progress. Still tons to do, will probably take me till next Christmas to finish the whole picture, there’s another two parrots, a toucan and lots of greenery to do yet!

(Stephanie Guy) #12

Max you’ve made my day - it’s taken about 3 years of try-try-and-try-again to be able to draw people, a real challenge for me! I’m so sorry to hear your Dad is poorly again, he’s having a rough time of it for sure. It’s tough not being able to visit but you’re doing the right thing by staying away. Are you able to ring him? My mum appreciated phone calls when she was ill and I couldn’t visit.

Mmmm mulled wine :smile:

Margaret that’s going to be a stunner of a piece! Have you ever had your own photos translated to cross stitch?

No painting for me today sadly, been too busy cleaning. Here’s the last of my new pen sketches (for now), hopefully I’ll get chance to list it later.

(Hazel Rayfield) #13

Hi everyone

The parrot looks good Margaret look forward to seeing more.

Lovely blue scene Stephie …

I’m having a busy day but just taken some new photos of a couple of my postcard sizes pieces …

(Tessa Spanton) #14

The mince pie was lovely but the mulled wine was er… cold and not wine. The lights were lovely.
I hope you’ll hop over to my blog to read about the blog hop

Nice work today.

(Margaret Jackson) #15

Stephie, it’s a nice idea to make cross stitch pictures of my own photos, and I know there is software somewhere to help do it, but I’m not very original, and I love buying a kit with all the info/cottons I need all supplied for me. If I did my own I’d have to work out what shades I’d need and how many skeins etc and it would start to be hard work rather than a relaxing hobby :smile:
Lovely sketch.

(Margaret Jackson) #16

Waving Hazel, lovely photos, they do show your work up well but it’s never quite the same as seeing them for real! :smile:

Shame the mulled wine was a disappointment Tessa, I’ll try to find time to read the blog tonight.

(Tessa Spanton) #17

I put a little video of the lights on FB I did some more but have forgotten how to join them with the software I have.

(Grimm Exhibition) #18

Loving the birdy pics.

(Stephanie Guy) #19

Lovely pics Hazel, the rose one is really gorgeous, is that a stamp or do you have very neat handwriting?

Margaret you can get kits complete with threads and everything for cross stitching your own photo, you just email in your pic and they do the rest. I found a company that will even change the background - let me know if you want the details.

Ew cold mulled wine? What planet are they from?? Not seen your vid, I’ll go and have a look Tessa.

Waving Grimm!

(Margaret Jackson) #20

It does sound interesting Stephie, but to be honest I buy kits cheaply on ebay for a fraction of what they’re really worth. It would probably cost a fair bit to have one put together from my own photo, and also, I can’t think of any photo I’ve taken that would warrant having a kit made of it!lol

btw, the parrot will have a tail as long as it’s body when it’s finished! :smile: