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Art Chat: January 2015

Happy New Year everyone, ths is the place to come to chat about all things art related, to share your work in progress, finished works, talk hints and tips and life in general. Everyone is welcome so please do come on and join in.

I’ve nothing new to list just yet but here’s an oldie, whch I just added to my sale section


Happy New Year everyone! :smile:

Hope you are all well this morning. I slept through the fireworks last night, someone was up to mischief down our road, I saw two cars with windscreens covered in egg and flour, not nice to have to clean up!

Lovely flowers Max.

Happy New Year everyone! I’m definitely bleary eyed today, I was up til 4am on taxi duty. It was my daughter’s first big night out on the town so I wanted to make sure she got home safely.

I would not be impressed if I had an eggy car to deal with - thank goodness it wasn’t yours Margaret.

Max would you be able to make me some more of those map shopping lists with matching pens from Ormskirk? Say another 6? I’ve given the last one away. Absolutely no rush at all.

I’ve just listed this rainbow parakeet ACEO

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Love that colourful bird Stephie!

afternoon Stephie & Margaret, just back from the cinema, we went to see the Stephen Hawking film, I thoroughly enjoyed it, great story. Of course Stephie I’d be happy to make some more books up, I’ll check my stock over the weekend after we take the tree and decorations down my stash is currently all hidden under the bed lol! Love the parakeet too.

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Happy New Year Everyone :smile:
I hope 2015 will be a good one for you all :smile:


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Happy New Year
Been poorly but worked on this


Happy New Year folks! Hope it’s been a good start to 2015 (and good end to 2014 for that matter!) :blush:
I’ve got one in the making…
So hoping to get that finished over the next few days.
Also just listed one of my favourites but framed this time…instead of my usual mounted ones. :blush:

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I have just put this painting for sale. I did this myself and just wondered as a budding artist what you thought and how much I should be looking to price it at.
hope I get some advice or great comments. Thank you.

Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly Matt,hope you’re better now. Cute cat.

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Hi Susannah, that looks very interesting, look forward to seeing it when it’s finished. :slight_smile:

Hi Joanne, welcome to the thread. I’m on my tablecloths moment and can’t see your painting very clearly so it’s difficult to comment, although it does look very colourful which is always good! For some reason I can’t see pictures in shops at the moment so I’ll try again later and see if I can see it properly.

Good morning, today feels like a painting day, need to sort out some art for next weeks exhibition too, completely forgot that was next week eek!

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Enjoy your painting Max :slight_smile:
I might do some too …

I have been up early sorting out some listings and I am making some changes to my Folksy shop store, some pictures will now come … as they are … not backed or mounted, this will make them more affordable and lighter for posting.

Folksy has been slow for me in recent months but I am not going anywhere, I have my plus account and a new enthusiasm for selling here so will see how things go …

Waving everyone … I’m off to do some more listing :slight_smile: then have a paint …

just listed …


Just popping in to say Happy New Year to all my artist friends.
I WILL pop in from time to time and do an occasional listing on Folksy, so as to keep my shop active.
However, I think my big mistake all the time is taking part in “chat” on forums…THAT seems to bring out the worst in people and as you know I have had a dreadful year with family health…fortunately I am well and healthy.
So…I will be around but not chatting like I used to, which is sad but I don’t want to leave myself open to those people who upset me.
I look at everyone’s work each day and love it all…so well done to you all…
I hope you all get lots and lots of sales in 2015 and know that I DO look and I am still here.


Hi Brenda, great to hear from you! :slight_smile: Hope your 2015 brings you success and happiness and your family keep healthy and well.

Fab blue poppies Hazel.

Morning, waving to Brenda. I’ve been having a serious think about what I’m doing too this weekend and decided I’m going to have a bit of a clear out of art and craft stuff that I don’t use. I have far too much!.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to concerntrate on my mixed media work as that’s what I enjoy doing the most, I seem to have less and less time to paint or craft so I’m going to just do what I love best this year! :smile:


Happy new year everyone, hope 2015 is a great year for you all.

Mine has started well with a sale on the other side, just need to retrieve the glasses from the bm shop! So this year I plan to be more organised with plenty of stock. With the National Trust gallery too could be a busy year :grinning:

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Happy New Year Brenda, hope to see some of your work here in 2015 even if you don’t chat, post your pictures please :slight_smile: I’m not chatting here as much either but still good to keep in touch …

Thank you Margaret, hope all is well with you :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing some more of your amazing sewing projects this year …

I think doing what we love best is the most important thing …
I know its been a challenging year for some of us, but its made me personally realise Life’s too short … so lets do what we love hey … I’m going to pursue my miniatures more, still painting large in fact I’ve sold some larger pictures recently … but I do love painting my miniatures and my miniature Gallery is such fun, we might even have another miniature property in the future lol

And thank you for posting your supplies on FB I’m really excited to be getting lots of new wax :slight_smile: