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Art Chat March 2015

(Stephanie Guy) #1

Welcome to the March art chat thread! All welcome, come on in and join the chat.

You may have noticed that some of us are very chatty on here but please don’t feel you can’t join in if you’re not here all the time - a line or two here and there to let use know you’re there is always welcome.

And if you have any art questions, fire away :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Here’s my first listing of the month

Does anyone know how to favourite a thread? I had last month’s thread in my faves but can’t seem to see how to do it anymore. Nor can I call my my old faves. Is it just me?

Art Chat February 2015
(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Well done for starting the new thread Stephie :smile:

The feb thread came up in my unread posts this morning so I posted without thinking lol

I don’t know how to favourite a thread either !!

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I don’t know how to favourite a thread either, but I’ve never really needed to.

Lovely portrait Stephie.

Welcome to March everyone! :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #5

Whoo I sense spring in the air! Happy St.Davids Day everyone. Love the portrait Stephie.

Just listed this commission to paint another snowdrop tile

Just invested in a whole box of tiles! 25 of them to paint :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Gorgeous tiles and I’ll look forward to seeing your new ones Max, they’re always lovely.

I’ve found a ‘bookmark’ button at the bottom of the thread, now just need to work out how to show my bookmarked threads lol. I found the now-defunct faves method handy when I just wanted to come on this thread quickly, it meant I didn’t have to scroll through to find it.

EDIT: bookmarks are accesible through our icons in the top right hand corner. Click on the pic and then click on bookmarks and it just brings up your bookmarked threads :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

They are beautiful Max. I liked your Daisy style flowers too.

I’m having a March Madness one day sale I did post about it today but in the wrong thread lol

Info here : March Madness One day discount code today only

Lovely to see blue skies today but the wind s is very strong and chilly. Just back from shopping and posting two sales from this morning… And had a latte in the cafe - as someone who hadn’t drink coffee in 30 years I’m hooked on latte lol

(Brenda Cumming) #8

ooops, I posted on the February thread this morning…
Happy St. David’s Day everyone.
Some fabulous work here today…Stephie and Max…
Hope the sale goes well Hazel.
Waving Margaret.
Been out shopping…only for groceries…boring really but pleased to buy sugar at 49p!!
Just been taking pics of yesterday’s acrylic…now I need to buy some more canvas boards…on a roll now…lol
Just paid my Folksy bill.
Margaret, when is your oil painting class and have you finished the Brusho classes now?
Here is yesterday’s acrylic

(Maxine Veronica) #9

afternoon all,that is beautiful Brenda, just made some matts for my ACEO’s going to lst them all mounted see how they go, here’s one ready to list I made them 7 x 5

(Brenda Cumming) #10

fabuloud painting Max…love it.

(Stephanie Guy) #11

Stunning work Max and Brenda, I love them both.

Are you watching the Big Painting Challenge? I haven’t caught up on last week’s episode yet, I watched the first challenge and decided I could only cope with one challenge at a time. I’m not good at watching competitions, I find them too tense and too critical.

(Margaret Jackson) #12

Stunning work everyone!
Love all your tiles Max, great that you’re going to keep doing them
Brenda, last week was my last Brusho lesson, I’m going to another watercolour workshop on the Wirral on March 21 and the oil painting class is on the 28th. I’ve got a busy month this month! Brilliant acrylic, the flowers and brightness of the foliage really contrast well with the starkness of the snow and the cold looking water. I think there’s some snow in our forecast for tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t be much.

Max that daisy looks stunning mounted like that, I do hope you’re going to do more acrylics.
I missed last weeks Big Painting challenge but I saw tonight’s episode. It was background watching while I stitched and it was a lot better than many of the programmes on TV but I agree about not liking the competitive nature of it.

(Maxine Veronica) #13

Good morning, I watched the art programme, portraits this week, something I would have run screaming from lol! the female judge was pretty harsh I have to say, would not like to be in any art groups where she was a critic!

Just listed the first mounted ACEO

(Brenda Cumming) #14

That is stunning Max.
I agree, the judges on that programme are too harsh…it could destroy people and make them give up painting for good.
Better to let ALL of them continue for the whole 6 weeks and then just announce a winner and runner up…

(Margaret Jackson) #15

I agree Brenda, that would be a much better idea.

Max, I love that so much I’ve bought it :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #16

Gorgeous work Max! Not surprised it sold so fast.

I haven’t watched last night’s programme yet but I have caught up on last weeks. The comment from the female judge of ‘it’s not very good’ or something similar was dreadful - not constructive at all. I really hope she doesn’t teach.

I’ve just blogged about my latest miniature magazine piece Turner’s Fighting Temeraire

(Brenda Cumming) #17

waving Margaret and Stephie…(well done on the sale Max)
I was just reading a letter in “The Artist” magazine…a man said that a London Gallery had told him that watercolours just don’t sell in London…nor Gouache or charcoal or even drawings…however, interestingly, Acrylics DO sell, as do pastels (and of course oils).
I find it encouraging that acrylics sell and although I know oils are always the most favoured…it is good to know that acrylics are now taking their place in people’s choices.

(Maxine Veronica) #18

Evening all, another long day at the salt mine lol! thank you Margaret :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #19

Good morning waving hi to everyone.

Just listed this one mounted ready for an 8 x 8 frame - I got this frame from The Range

(Margaret Jackson) #20

That’s gorgeous Max, it’ll look wonderful on someone’s wall :smile:

I’ve been putting my plans for my sitting room into action. I’ve mostly dismantled David’s old pine bed and the room looks much bigger already. I’m thinking of recycling some of the pine from the bed in the garden. It might make a nice walkway along the new garden bed I’m going to make when I get rid of the lawn. So many plans, so little time (and energy!)