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Asking for feed back please

(Andrew Chambers ) #1

Hi ,I am a newbie just set up my shop ,I would love any feed back to make it better and to know we’re I have gone wrong,so pleased I finally got round to making the shop here
Thank you for your time

(Louise Foot) #2

Hi Andrew & welcome to Folksy. I’m certainly no expert but hate to see an unanswered post. I like your artwork & feel you have captured your branding well. For me (probably because I’m lazy) your meet the maker section is quite a lengthy read & I personally would prefer it to read as though you had written it yourself, not in the third person. Again this is probably just me but the weight of your card might be useful (I’ve but a few wonderfully designed cards online but been really disappointed that they were so thin they barely stood up). I’m in two minds whether to suggest you lose the lifestyle props: whereas I admire the styling, at a glance they look a little busy. Good luck

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

I love the range of cards - cheeky but not crude :smile:

I agree with writing the Meet the Maker in the third person - I always feels it’s more personal on a site like this to write as yourself.

The only thing I find off putting in your shop is the spelling of whimsical - I don’t see the need to change it to wimzical, and it doesn’t fit with the correct spelling on your cards etc, but that 's just my personal opinion :smile:

I’m sure you’ll sell lots on here - good luck!

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Welcome to Folksy,
I’m with Sara on the incorrect spelling on whimsical, that sort of thing bugs me and people might search for whimsical card but they are unlikely to search for wimzical card so you are doing yourself out of potentially showing up in search results. Also looking at your listings you state that they are 150sq with gloss finish - does this mean 150 gsm glossy card stock or is it a sizing? At the moment it doesn’t make sense to me as a lay person (but I’m sure it makes sense to people who make cards).
Hope that’s helpful

(Dawn Sneesby) #5

Welcome to Folksy, I agree with others about your Meet the Maker section written in the third person, it’s not personal enough to me - it sounds like someone’s written an article about you in a newspaper or magazine. Apart from that your shop is lovely, great items and great photographs.

(Camilla) #6

Hi Andrew.

Welcome to Folksy!

I’ve just favourited your shop and added your ‘Hen Party’ card to our favourite finds here

I agree that it’s better to write your Meet the Maker section in the first-person and don’t be afraid to make it more personal - people like to know the person they are buying from!

Also I would think about making your listings more individual because at the moment they seem to read the same for each design. It will help your rankings within Folksy and on external search engines if you can include information that is specific to each card on every listing - it will also help you avoid problems with duplicate content as discussed here Tag advice wanted

Plus it will help potential buyers understand more about each artwork.

I hope that helps.

(Silvapagan) #7

I love these! My only suggestion is a background that is a little less cluttered in some of the shots. So, perhaps lose the phone and just have the grass plant in the background? Maybe have a look in some junk/charity shops for a different lamp (maybe one a bit more “bohemian”?).

(Andrew Chambers ) #8

Hi Louise
Thank you for your feed back been a great help .
All the best

(Andrew Chambers ) #9

Hi Sara
Many thanks for taking time out and helping ,will be changing things
Thank you

(Andrew Chambers ) #10

Hi Sasha

I will change the spelling and the card info ,you have been very helpful .
All the very best

(Sally Eira) #11

hi there,
just had a look - your cards look great, but i think a bit cluttered in the background.
also i think you '‘meet the maker’ section may be a little to long - or should be borken up with more paragraphs etc.
just some thoughts. .
and best of luck with your shop.

(Andrew Chambers ) #12

Hi Camilla
Thank you so much for your help ,I will make it all more personal plus the listings ,so pleaded I asked the question on the forum .
All the very best

(Andrew Chambers ) #13

Hi Silvapagan and Sally
Many thanks for your feed back.
All the very best

(Heidi Meier) #14

Brilliant cards! And I love the photos (very topical subject!!). All the best in your new shop! :smile:

(Andrew Chambers ) #15

Many thanks Heidi