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Asking for feedback?

(Kim Blythe) #1

I was just wondering whether some of you contact a registered customer and ask for feedback at all.
I always feel a bit disappointed when I don’t get feedback from someone who is registered, particularly if they are also a seller. I posted something off at the beginning of the week to someone with a shop here and haven’t heard anything…I start to worry if the item has arrived safely!
I don’t want to appear pushy so, although I contact them to thank them for the order and let them know it’s on it’s way, I don’t mention about feedback.

(Jo Sara) #2

I personally wouldn’t ask. If I get it it’s nice. If not, then not a problem. I tend to get a lot more feedback from Facebook sales and ones from my own website which I suppose a lot of people might ‘know’ me from social media so feel more inclined to let me know when things arrive. I used to get a lot more feedback per sale ratio here but it gradually dropped off for some reason. I’m at roughly a third of sales get a review on Etsy, but I think they get a reminder sent through a little while after the sale.

If something has gone wrong with the delivery, you’ll definitely hear from them then, so no news is good news :slight_smile:


(Kim Blythe) #4

I wasn’t planning on contacting them now, I just wondered whether others may mention leaving feedback when they initially contact the customer after they have received the order or sent the item.


(Sasha Garrett) #5

If you are worried that an item hasn’t arrived with the purchaser then you could drop them an email enquiring if it has turned up and they are happy with it but I wouldn’t ask them to leave feedback. But as the other’s have said you would know about it if there was a problem.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I don’t as I think feedback is lovely to get but I know most people don’t like getting those requests for feedback. It’s annoying when you get them from ebay. I know it puts me off. I think it comes across as being pushy.

If a shop owner or registered person buys I always leave them a thank you feedback.

I’ve never had a registered buyer not leave feedback.

I’ve even had some lovely feed back via email for non registered buyers which really put a smile on my face.

But I do worry about those you don’t hear from that I didn’t send with signature confirmation as I wonder if they ever got their item then I wonder if I should send off an email to ask if the item has arrived.

I’ve only ever had 2 like that and I held off and as I never heard any thing I guess everything was fine otherwise they would have either contacted me or gone via paypal.

(Dawn Sneesby) #7

I only contact overseas sales after a couple of weeks to make sure they have received their purchases.

(Kim Blythe) #8

I tend to agree…I have never thought of asking before.
I will just leave it and see what happens…

(Liz Dyson) #9

I’ve been asked to leave “hopefully, positive” feedback before now and, to be honest, it quite annoyed me, so I would say don’t ask for it.

(Sally Eira) #11

hi there - i always worry about whether item reached them okay and whether they are happy with it and this makes me tempted to ask them for feedback etc.

But i have decided, like others, that if there is a problem they will contact me and i feel it looks bad to ask for feedback especially these days with all the various emails everybody gets anyway.

i like to leave feedback for other registered sellers though as i know how i feel about it & know how much it means to receive the feedback.

(Sasha Garrett) #12

I should add that when I’m leaving feedback I like to road test the item first so if its handcream I like to use it a few times so that I can comment on its effectiveness. When I bought a handbag I used it for 2 weeks so that I could check the build quality before leaving feedback. I figure that other customers want to know that something it fit for purpose and that’s why they check feedback. So your customer might still leave you feedback - sometimes you just have to be patient.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

Sasha I’m the same I like to leave feedback once I’ve used the item.

(Margaret Jackson) #14

No, I wouldn’t ask. I do like to give feedback when I buy things but if I forgot and someone asked me to do it I think I’d find it a bit annoying, like spam.

(Emily Clayton) #15

I agree with Louisa - it would be a little like spam. You would hear soon enough if item did not arrive or if buyer is not happy x

(Oh Button Me) #16

I don’t ask but hate mostly on eBay they sort of beg for feedback. Ones that do email or there is a note in the parcel I would most probably not both leaving feedback.