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Feedback Please

(Rosielee1) #1

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else wishes more people would leave feedback on their purchases. It is always nice I feel to say thanks or I was pleased with an item and it lets the seller know that what they are making is well received. Praise or criticism is helpful and feedback is always welcome so we can make changes and improve on services. Are the buyers given a prompt when they have paid for an item to give any feedback.

(Christine Shephard) #2

More and more people are buying as ‘guest buyers’ now, so they are unable to give feedback on the site, but that doesn’t prevent them sending a quick email to say thanks and they’re happy with their purchase. Very few actually do, but I’m always very glad to receive feedback from my customers.

(Sonia Adam) #3

Only registered buyers are able to leave feedback for sellers. Guest buyers can’t leave any. It is nice when feedback is left (especially if it’s from a very happy customer!) but I don’t think buyers pay too much attention to it.

(Aasiyah Johnson) #4

I did get a few nice emails from my guest customers on here that have purchased from me that said they were very happy with their purchase, as long as they are happy . . . . . . Well so am I, even though it would be nice for others to see when they view my sold items and happy customer comments next to them x

(Teresa Bettelley) #5

I’m struggling with feedback at the mo… I always leave feedback for my online purchases! It would be nice if the guest buyers were sent a prompt from folksy to do it…

(Sonia Adam) #6

Unfortunately there is no way of guest buyers being able to leave feedback whether prompted or not. Only registered users can leave feedback at the moment. Whether this changes in the future - who knows? Most just like to buy & run though when we invest something of ourselves in our items it would be nice to know how they were received!