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Hi everyone,

I have had a couple of sales on here but only one has left feedback, :smirk: Just wondering how you can get your buyers to leave you feedback without seeming annoying or desperate? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Louise, I hardly ever get feedback these days either, I don’t think guest buyers can leave feedback only those with a folksy account and most of my sales are from guest buyers

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I don’t get a lot of feedback any more either. About 50% of my sales are guest buyers and they cannot leave feedback. Even the registered ones rarely bother any more, including other Folksy sellers! Some have left me messages on Twitter or Facebook though, but it is always nice when they go to the trouble of adding it to Folksy. I think people just forget…or don’t realise they can.

I think the problem here is not of our making. Amazon and Argos, amongst others, are always haranguing me for feedback on my purchases, which has turned me from a keen leaver of feedback to someone who thinks “Oh not this again-go away!” whenever I see a feedback request. Not only this, but they have what seems like a 3 page form to fill out! Amazon certainly don’t need any more feedback on their site-they have loads, but they are making everybody else’s customers grumpy.

Sam x


I get none for weeks then they come along like buses. Three since I came back from holiday on the 24th September. :slight_smile:

I don’t worry about it. There’s no law that says a customer has to leave feedback.

I’m sure if something was wrong a customer would contact us.

We don’t expect to give feedback in a bricks and mortar shop.

I’m with other’s asking for feedback is very off putting.

I think it’s a wonderful bonus when a customer does leave feedback but I never expect them to nor do I think of asking.

You know how annoying it is when you get these demands from ebay. Please leave 5stars they smack of desperation and blackmail. When that happens I just don’t even bother to leave feedback. Put’s me right off also means I’m less likely to buy from them again.

As said here only those who are registered with Folksy can leave feedback and as most of my customers are guests they’re unable to leave feedback. Although I’ve had a few nice emails from some guest buyers.


I certainly Never Ever leave feedback on Ebay when I get an email begging for a 5 star feedback, sometimes before I’ve even received the item.


I always leave feedback for sellers on Folksy as I know they would appreciate it. I’ve never been asked for feedback by a seller here and I wouldn’t ask for feedback from a buyer either. I haven’t had a buyer leave feedback in my shop yet, mostly because of them buying as guests. I have had some lovely emails from buyers though, which is always nice to receive

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Thank you all for replying, sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to this thread. Having read all your replies I think I wont worry about getting feedback from customers. I definitely get fed up of being harassed by amazon and eBay for feedback after a purchase. I was just wondering if the lack of feedback on my page would put people of buying from me but I don’t think I’ll let this bother me from now on.

Thanks for all your replies.

Lou :grin: