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Feedback question?

(Lorraine Burt) #1

I’ve just had my first few sales and have just noticed I’ve been left some lovely feedback. Do we then leave feedback for the customer? There is a box which looks like we do but I’m not sure!?

(Kim Blythe) #2

I normally do, even if it’s just to thank them for their lovely feed back, and prompt payment (if they paid promptly that is…)

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(Lorraine Burt) #3

Thanks Kim,
I’ll do that then, seems like a nice thing to do I just wasn’t expecting that box to be there!!

(Roz) #4

I’ve always thought feedback for buyers is a bit pointless. If they have bought something from me they are lovely people as far as I am concerned and deserve positive feedback! Even if they have been a bit awkward you don’t really want to put them off coming back by leaving a negative comment. I suppose if they were really dodgy then it might be worth it to warn other sellers but then who checks a buyers feedback before accepting an order - I know I don’t. I usually just tick the positive box and sometimes leave a simple thank you.

(bluebellwoodturning) #5

Hi Lorraine
I always leave the buyer some positive feedback when I have posted their order and this may prompt them to do likewise
I think that when buying online people do check feedback and may like me base their decision to buy it. I feel its a very valuable asset to the Folksy set up.


(Lorraine Burt) #6

Hi Mel,
I agree, I always look at a shops feedback rating, but never thought about it the other way round. Don’t you have to wait for the customer to leave feedback on their purchase before you can leave it on them?

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(Bizzy Liz) #7

Hi Lorraine, I usually leave feedback when I’ve posted the item, then also tick the item shipped box.

(bluebellwoodturning) #8

Hi Lorraine
No you can do so before or after.

(Lorraine Burt) #9

How do you do it before? can’t seem to work it out!! :confused:

(bluebellwoodturning) #10

Hi Lorraine
If you go into orders and click on view order detail then scroll down if there os a feedback box then click on relevant button and then send feedback. Of course only registered buyers show up fpr the feedback box.


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(Lorraine Burt) #11

OK maybe mine aren’t registered buyers then because I don’t seem to have the feedback box. Thanks for your help! :smiley: