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Weekly Art Chat 3rd to 9th August

(Margaret Jackson) #1

Thought I’d start off the thread for the new week :slight_smile: Hope everyone is busy being creative :slight_smile:

(Jeanie Hansford) #2

Hello Margaret! Yes! I am keeping very busy, just finished my sixth 3 D canvas, wil show on facebook… and two baby cardigans. Now have to paint some more glass angels, building up the stock…Allways knitting baby booties too! Oh! almost forgot…got to print some more greetings cards. Phew! that is what I call keeping busy! By the way I love your embroidery shown recently… x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3


We have the road that runs behind our house being resurfaced this week - the traffic is quieter as they have stop go boards, but my goodness, the drivers are impatient! They have been sounding their horns non-stop today! Not conducive to creativity. They were meant to have finished for the day by 4pm, before the rush hour traffic (we are near the airport, so it gets really busy) - but they were working until gone 4.30pm. And although they put letters through the doors for all the local residents to warn them, there was not one single road sign to warn of disruption in advance in any direction, so the thousands of people who pass this way daily had no chance to plan an alternate route before being stuck in a line of traffoc they couldn’t get out of. Grrrr!

Off to try and catch up with some work this evening - have got a bit behind - the humidity slows me down. I need to get back on track as the commissions are still flooding in!

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Good to hear you’re both busy! Those 3 D canvases of yours look fab Jeanie, you’ve got a whole range of crafts on the go by the sound of it.

Sara, all that noise would drive me to distraction! Hope you have a productive evening. I don’t like the humidity either.

(Brenda Cumming) #5

Another busy start to the week…not sure where the time goes…probably looking after hubby…It took 10 mins to get his shoes and socks on for him today…his feet are badly swollen and he already takes size 12 shoes, so can’t get anything larger…then we went shopping…difficult because we have to keep stopping for him to rest. …no painting today so I have done relists…
Hope everyone is ok…
forgot…did you ever go to your marbling class Margaret?

(Margaret Jackson) #6

No, not in the end I didn’t, but maybe one day.

(Maxine Veronica) #7

Good morning, waving hi to everyone. Busy week in work this week but at least I’m not travelling far it’s mostly on the computer.

(Hazel Rayfield) #8

HI everyone, I’m having a busy week too, had my web developer hat on yesterday, a client wanted their website updated and with these things they want it done ASAP … which I don’t mind but my plans had to change, we are also decorating our lounge this week so everywhere is in disarray, but its making me sort out things, lots of the cupboards had my paintings in for safe store but we are changing things around so I have had to sort them out and re pack them in boxes in the studio …

Thought I’d show my poppy to add a bit of colour to this weeks thread :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Fabulous poppy, the sheen on the petals is wonderful. That would look amazing with a mount and frame :smile:

(Kam) #10

Hi everyone! I am busy at the moment networking and trying to get my name out there - signed up to twitter today!
I delivered a commissioned design yesterday and made this card too!

(Margaret Jackson) #11

Hi Kam, welcome to the thread! That’s a very pretty card, great idea to use buttons and the string to embellish a hand drawn sprig of lavender, very effective. I like the way you’ve written the wording too. :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #12

It is pretty isn’t it Margaret. I haven’t tried an ACEO in a mount - dont have one that small. It’s a shame I didn’t see your message earlier as I’ve just ordered some mounts - very large ones from my supplier in Cornwall - it was a bit expensive order but I need some as I’ve just used my last too and I have paintings online offering this large size mount. I have some mounts from the Range, which are good, but the largest they do don’t fit my requirements so I’m having them cut for me. I’ve been using this supplier for many years now and the quality is really good so I’m happy to pay and if it means a painting has a little less profit for me at least I know the mount is good :slight_smile:

Hi Kam your lavender card is lovely. I do love lavender.g

(Margaret Jackson) #13

I’ve seen mounts for ACEOs somewhere (might have been ebay) and they can look amazing framed :smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #14

I’ll have a search and maybe get a couple. thanks Margaret.

(Brenda Cumming) #15

at last a day when I could get some painting done…too cold to go outside…high winds here and very choppy out at sea.
The fox is looking through our patio doors at the tv…(while eating cheese sandwiches…lol)
I am having to do a lot of relists in my shop at the moment, as painting time seems to be a bit scarce…sigh…

(Margaret Jackson) #16

Morning all, hope everyone has a good day :smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #17

morning Margaret…at least the wind has died down and no rain today…maybe we will get some sunshine.
Just taking photos and will then do some listings.
Hope everyone has a good day…

(Hazel Rayfield) #18

Morning Brenda and Margaret :smile:
I’ve been up very early painting !!!

With the Great British Bake Off starting a new series today I just had to paint cake !!!

(Margaret Jackson) #19

Glad the wind has died down for you Brenda, hope you get some painting time today.

Cake is one of my favourite subjects Hazel, though I don’t watch the bake off (I have little control over what’s on our TV!) Your cake looks good enough to eat! :smile:

I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of some new needlework projects. I chose a couple of tigers, a gingerbread cottage (both in cross stitch) and a cottage and garden needlepoint design. Should keep me busy for another year at least!

(Sue Beacham) #20

Good Morning everyone, I haven’t sold any painting on folksy although I have sold my other crafts, I think artwork paintings are hard to sell, would you agree, maybe my prices are to high, these are canvas board paintings and I have use artist quality material, I’m asking £35.00 the pair, I thought that was a good price, what do you think ? I welcome advice