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Back after a couple of years

(GraceWatsonDesign) #1

Hi everyone, I’m back after a couple of years and it all looks different. I’ve just listed a few of my items and I’m gonna spend time getting up to speed with how Folksy is these days.
I used to make textiles and now I paint and make paper mache dolls. If anyone wishes to give me feedback, advice etc. I would be truly grateful.
Thanks all!

(Brenda Cumming) #2

welcome back Grace…don’t forget to join us on the daily art chat thread…lovely shop

(GraceWatsonDesign) #3

Thankyou, Brenda.
Oh yeah, I’ll look out for that :slight_smile:

(Lynn Britton) #4

Welcome back Grace - lovely colourful shop you have.
Lots of different threads for you to browse though with lots of different advice and lots to interact with as well.
Lynn x

(GraceWatsonDesign) #5

Thanks loads, Lynn, looking forward to it x

(Elaine) #6

Welcome back Grace - love your art and dolls. Folksy has changed quite a bit in two years, it looks better than ever now.

When you have a mo, don’t forget to update your “Meet the Maker” section so people can learn a little about you and your shop when they click on your name. It’s found under Profile Settings on your dashboard I believe.

Elaine x

(GraceWatsonDesign) #7

Thanks so much, Elaine! Yes, I’ve updated it and just feeling my way around just now but it’s looking great! x