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BACS Payments ? people having trouble paying on here/ via paypal

Hi all, so for the first time in YEARS I have had a few requests by customers to pay by BACS.

In these instances they are people I have been in contact online with for a while or previous customers so I’m not unduly suspicious but it does seem a bit odd - is it because paypal is being glitch at the moment?

I’m not keen as I don’t really want to share my bank details ( Name, Bank Account Number and Sort Code ) with individuals for such small payments but I just wondered if you guys had seen an increase in requests like this…

Also one customer has been having trouble paying on Folksy today ( hence their request )

Your views please

Many people use BAC’s as it’s safe as there’s nothing anyone can do with those bank details other than put money into your account. once the monies in they can’t take it back again. Of course they no longer have paypal’s buyer protection.

I had a sale yesterday that went through OK, but previously I have had a couple with problems. I usually send them a Paypal invoice so that they can pay using any card.

I had the same problem on Friday the problem reported was the customer wanted to pay by debit card I emailed the customer that i could send a paypal invoice instead but have heard nothing back so had to cancel the order but i did have an order yesterday that went through fine.I don’t think the option is there for them just to use a debit card on its own without using paypal

I too would send a paypal invoice if a customer was having problems paying by email. :slight_smile:

I’ve just ordered something with no problem. I too would be wary of a payment that didn’t involve PayPal just for the added protection it gives.

There is nothing to worry about sharing your bank sort code and account number - these details are readily available to anyone you write a cheque for - as long as you don’t give any of your security details they can only pay money into your account.
Not good that they are having trouble paying by paypal though.


I’ve had many people in the past pay by BACS, I’ve paid others for things in the same way. Some people have asked to buy my artwork through Facebook/Instagram and I always just ask how they wish to pay. Lots of people simply offer to pay by BACS usually with ‘I like to buy handmade things this way so it means you’re not paying unnecessary fees through PayPal etc’. Fair enough and kinda nice of them I think. You don’t need to worry about anyone doing anything with the details though. There’s nothing they can do- they can only do something with your actual card number and CCV number. :slight_smile:

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For the business. I run with my husband we prefer payment by BACs and give out our bank details as standard on all our invoices. I checked with our bank before doing it who confirmed there was no risk whatsoever.

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Thanks folks !


I wonder if this is a glitch on site @folksycontent or whether it’s just people not being sure how to use Paypal (not realising they can use it as a guest for example). Is worrying though that many of us have maybe missed out on sales because of it.