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Customer payments

Hi, at the risk of sounding daft, what do I do if a customer wants to buy from my shop, but does not have a PayPal account? Can someone tell me, I don’t want to lose the order and prospective future customers! Thanks.

When they get to the Paypal bit they have the option to pay by card within Paypal, (guest payment or something like that). No Paypal account required.

If they don’t want to use the paypal site you can arrange with them to send you a cheque or do a bank transfer, you then manually mark the item as paid . Remember not to send the goods until the money has cleared though.

Thanks for your help, I have now passed these options on to the customer! Thanks again.

This can be a vexed issue with certain customers. My own mother, for instance, does NOT like Paypal because she thinks it is insecure. I can’t persuade her on this, I’ve tried.

I might be wrong about this, but I believe that you can only check out as a guest a certain number of times.

From my perspective, it would be much better if people could check out with their cards on Folksy, because Paypal can be a barrier to sales for some customers, but this is not likely to happen any time soon.

Sam x

I’ve just received an email from Folksy saying a customer has ordered but is having difficulties paying - the reason given was ‘‘no response’’

Does this sound like a Paypal issue?
I’ve never had ‘‘no response’’ given as an issue before.

Sarah x